Pacer’s new iOS Home Page – a Photo Guide

Hey Pacers! Have you noticed your Pacer home screen is a bit different? We’ve introduced a new iOS Pacer Home Page that puts all of our features in one place. Don’t worry – all of your favorite Pacer features are still there. We’ve streamlined the interface so that you can easily navigate between features.

Here’s a quick introduction to our new interface.

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Pacer Home Page

New Home Page Layout

Pacer iOS app screen

Our Pacer Home Page looks pretty much the same as it used to! You can still view your steps, calories burned, active time and distance.

We’ve also added a Navigation Bar to the top of the page. This allows you to easily jump between features and return home whenever you want.

You can always click “Home” to return to this Pacer Home Page and view your steps and other data.

GPS Activity Tracking

Pacer iOS app interface - GPS

You can access GPS walk and activity tracking in 2 ways. Swipe left from the Pacer Home Page to access GPS tracking (you’ll see GPS underlined in the navigation bar). Or you can simply click “GPS” on the navigation bar directly to jump there.

You’ll notice that you’ll still see “Home” on the navigation bar even while GPS tracking is active. You can easily click “Home” to jump back to the Pacer Home Page.

Pacer Workouts

iOS Pacer app interface - workouts

You can access Pacer Workouts in 2 ways. Swipe left twice from the Pacer Home Page to access Workouts (you’ll see Workouts underlined in the navigation bar). Your first swipe takes you to GPS, and your second swipe takes you to Workouts. Or you can simply click “Workouts” on the navigation bar directly to jump there.

You’ll notice that you’ll still see “Home” on the navigation bar even while Workouts are active. You can easily click “Home” to jump back to the Pacer Home Page.

Treadmill Mode

iOS pacer workouts interface treadmill mode

Pacer’s Treadmill Mode is now located at the top of the Workout page. Tap the “start” button on “Treadmill Session” to record workouts on a treadmill. Make sure to use Treadmill mode and not GPS activity tracking on a treadmill, as your location won’t change and GPS will not track correctly. Make sure to carry your phone in your pocket or on an armband so that Pacer can register your steps!

Health Data, Check-ins & Walking Plans

We’ve also made it easier to input your exercise, weight, blood pressure and more from the Pacer Home Page. “Input Exercise”, “Add Weight” and “Add Blood Pressure” are now under “Log My Health Data.” You can also Check-in on a goal from this interface as well!

Pacer iOS main interface log health data

Simply swipe up on your phone (scroll down) from the Pacer Home Page to get to the “Log My Health Data” bar. This contains all of the inputs listed above.

Pacer iOS main interface log health data

Input Exercise, Weight, Blood Pressure

iOS Pacer main interface log my weight

Under “Log My Health Data,” you can click to log your weight, blood pressure or activity (manually input exercise). Simply tap the appropriate button to log this information. You can swipe down again to get back to the top of the screen.


iOS Main Page interface check-in

Click the “Check-Ins” icon to see your current goals and check-in on goals you completed.

Walking Plans

iOS Pacer main interface walking plans

Continue to swipe up on your phone (scroll down on the page) and you will see “Walking Plans.” You can click here to view and join Pacer’s walking plans that can help you lose weight, get more fit and more.


Our new design is easier to use and lets you access your favorite Pacer features even faster. We hope that you like it and that you’ll take a few minutes to get familiar with the new button locations. 

Get Pacer

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15 thoughts on “Pacer’s new iOS Home Page – a Photo Guide

  1. I’ve always been active and fit especially owing horses all my life but slowly over the past few years I’ve been loosing weight,total loss of energy and bed ridden most days so I don’t get out much but I’m hoping to start somewhere and GET MY LIFE BACK! So here goes!
    Best of luck to you all & I hope everyone achieves their goals!

    1. You should be able to adjust the steps target … not only show 10,000. Especially recovering from surgeries … it’s discouraging to see 10,000 If all you can manage is 2500 steps a day ….

      1. Hi Georges. You definitely can adjust the steps target! It’s great that you’re getting active even after surgery, so please take it slow and heal up before trying to walk too much.

        Here’s a post showing how to do this:

        In short, go to Me -> Settings -> Step Goals. You can choose a preset step goal, or set a Custom Goal. The Custom Goal shows 10,000 as default, but you can click to change it to anything you want.

        Thanks for using Pacer! Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  2. I can’t find the input icon anymore and that is a very important part of the Pacer program for me. Please advise.

    1. Hi Nancy! There’s a screenshot in this post under “Health Data, Check-ins & Walking Plans” and “Input Exercise, Weight & Blood Pressure.”

      In short, you can scroll down on the home page to find inputs. This means swiping upwards on your screen with your finger, but the actual icons are located BELOW the landing page. For inputting steps or exercise, choose “Activity.”

      Hope this helps! If you’re having additional problems, please email us at and we’ll give you more detailed instructions.

  3. It would be great if I could choose the metric or English for each parameter…ie. weight in lbs but distance in Km.

    Seems that all measurements can only be in one or the other.


    1. We do have a few other measurements that come up in Pacer, so we thought it was easier to give one switch for all of them. Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely pass it along.

  4. Hi, a lady at the walking track told me about this app.
    I love it, but hers talks to her…. it said something to the effect of how far she had walked.
    Was I just hearing things ( lol ) or is there a way for this to happen?

    1. Hi Tammy. Glad to hear you heard about the app from one of our Pacers!

      She might be talking about our GPS walk tracking feature. It can give you updates on how far you’re going. To find it, swipe left from the Pacer home page or click GPS at the top of the screen. Both take you to the same page. Start a GPS walk, and you’ll get audio updates as well as a track of your progress and step and distance info.

      We recommend you don’t leave this on all the time – you should end your GPS session when you’re finished your walk. GPS does use a bit more battery, and by saving your walks you can compare how you did over time. Hope this helps!

  5. Does pacer record steps when I have my iPhone in my pocket but no watch connected? How about when I am running and have it on my arm?

    1. Hi Tom!

      Pacer will count steps using just your phone. It can count steps both in your pocket or on an armband if you’re running. It needs to pick up the motion of your body as you walk. If you were running on a treadmill and had the phone on the treadmill (and not on your body), it wouldn’t get steps.

      If you have an Apple Watch, you can also sync the Apple Watch to Pacer through Apple Health. That’s optional, and you can use just your phone!

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Sorry to see you go. You’ll need to cancel your subscription through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store depending on your device type. I see you’re probably on iOS, but here are links for how to do both just in case:

      You can contact support for either store for more help in canceling. Please note for either store, we can’t cancel a subscription on our end and deleting an app will not cancel a live subscription. That’s due to how the stores work and not a Pacer policy. Email us at if it doesn’t work for you!

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