How to set an Apple Watch complication – Pacer for iOS

If you’re using an Apple Watch with Pacer, add a Pacer step complication to your Apple Watch face for easier step tracking right from your watch! The Pacer steps complication adds steps from Pacer right on your Apple Watch face. You’ll be able to easily check your steps and progress towards your activity goal. Here’s how!

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Pacer apple watch complication screenshot

Note: To sync Pacer with your Apple Watch, you’ll first have to sync Pacer with Apple Health. This way, steps will flow from your Apple Watch -> Apple Health -> Pacer. Here’s a guide on how to sync with Apple Health from our FAQ: Sync Pacer with Apple Health. Here’s how to ensure your Apple Watch is synced with Apple Health if it’s not already: Sync an Apple Watch to Pacer.

1. Firmly press your Apple Watch screen to pull up the “Customize” button.

Apple Watch 5

2. Tap Customize to enter the customization interface.

Pacer Apple Watch complication steps concept

You will see your current complication at the top right.

3. Twist the digital crown to select Pacer

Pacer Apple Watch complication steps concept

The “Digital Crown” is the small physical wheel on the side of the Apple Watch. Twist it to scroll through available complications until Pacer is selected.

4. Return to your Pacer Home Screen!

Pacer Apple Watch complication steps concept

You’ll see that Pacer’s step count is now listed above the time on your Apple Watch!

You can also get more detailed step info! Just…

5. Tap the step count number at the top right

Pacer apple watch complication screenshot

You’ll see today’s step count in more detail as well as your current goal. The area you need to tap to pull up Pacer is very small, so you may need to tap two or 3 times to make sure you get it!

Thanks for using Pacer on your Apple Watch. Happy walking!

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