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The Pacer blog contains information on walking, general fitness, nutrition, and other information suitable for anyone who wants to get more active. Our goal is to provide information that is accessible to beginners, as well as experienced walkers and everyone in between.

The information in the Pacer blog reflects authoritative outside sources as well as subjective ideas of the author of each piece. The information doesn’t necessarily reflect the viewpoints and/or recommendations of the Pacer app or the Pacer staff. You should make your own recommendations of what exercise or nutrition choices work best for you and your specific situation. 

Important Medical Advice Disclaimer

Content and articles on this site are for informational purposes only. 

This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or medical condition. Always get advice from a doctor or licensed medical professional for questions or diagnoses of any injury, disease, or other health or medical conditions. For medical emergencies, dial emergency services (911 or equivalent) immediately. When in doubt, get checked out! 

Contact a medical professional before starting an exercise routine or increasing your intensity. Before trying any new exercises (including forms of walking), talk to your doctor about whether they are safe for you. Any exercises appearing on the Pacer blog (or in links) may be dangerous or may lead to injury. They appear for informational and entertainment purposes only. If you attempt any exercises appearing on the Pacer blog, you do so at your own risk. 

Guest posts and Guest Posters

Pacer occasionally hosts guest posts by authors on topics relevant to the theme of our blog. Writer information will appear on the page and may include links to the writer or organization’s website. Guest posted pieces do not necessarily reflect the views of Pacer. 

Links in Pacer Blog Articles

We provide links in our articles solely to point you to relevant content either from other Pacer blog articles or outside articles that are relevant to the topic at hand. Pacer links to outside articles if they are sources quoted or cited in the article, as well as reputable organizations to back up our information. 

Posts containing links to purchases that Pacer receives compensation for will be marked in the intro of the article. 

Ads, Sponsored Content and Sponsored Links

Pacer may, from time to time, review products or services on the Pacer blog. We also may provide special offers to readers of our blog, for which Pacer may receive compensation.

  • Pacer strives to clearly label any posts which are sponsored by an advertiser as well as posts and links from which Pacer may benefit financially. Here are some of our guidelines to help you clearly identify sponsored content:
  • When reviewing a product, Pacer will clearly label at the top of the article any compensation (including free review samples) received by the company. 
  • Pacer will specify at the top of the article whether we will receive compensation from purchases or signups from links within the article.
  • Product reviews are written by Pacer and not influenced by the company providing the product or service.
  • Any “Sponsored Posts,” advertisements or “advertorial” content written by an advertiser will be clearly labeled as “Ad” or “Sponsored.” Any such articles will be distinguished from our genuine product reviews. 
  • Any advertisements appearing on the Pacer blog will be clearly labeled and separated from Pacer content.

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