Launch Your Step Challenge: Cool and Creative Step Challenge Names

The most difficult part of starting an office step challenge is perhaps coming up with an attractive name.

Some challenge organizers are probably familiar with the following situation: You’ve decided the dates for your step challenge, the challenge types, and rules you want to use, and even the content you want to share as part of your challenge. You’re almost ready to start your challenge, but there’s one last thing: give your step challenge a name! Creative step challenge names can help you attract more people and motivate them.

At Pacer for Teams, we strive to simplify the challenge administrator’s job as much as we can. Using our intuitive admin portal, you can easily manage your challenges and teams. And employees can track their daily fitness progress on a step challenge app. You also can find many useful guides and suggestions in our Help Center and Blog. Additionally, we have an efficient support team who can solve your problems and help organize your challenges.

In addition to all these resources, we’re always looking for innovative ways to assist challenge administrators, in developing a successful and interesting step challenge. To help you launch your step challenge smoothly, here are some cool and creative step challenge names you can use immediately.

Use our handful guide to come up with unique step challenge names.

Tip 1 Make use of alliteration

Using alliteration is an easy way to create some interesting step challenge names. For instance, a few examples include:

  • Strive to Thrive
  • You Snooze, You Lose Challenge
  • Walk-a-thon
  • Step-a-thon
  • Mile-a-thon
  • Witness the Fitness
  • Hustle and Muscle

To come up with something that works for your company, try combining fun, action terms with your organization’s name or the challenge’s dates.

Tip 2 Consider the season

You may name your challenge in a variety of ways based on the season. Here we list some ideas for you to start with, but feel free to think outside the box when choosing a season for your challenge name.


  • Blooming with Health
  • Working Bees
  • Spring Forces
  • Spring Reducing
  • Spring Sprint
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • Spring Forward


  • Sweating Svelte
  • Walking on Sunshine
  • Summer Sizzling
  • Summer Shuffle
  • All Sweat, No Rest
  • Tropic Like it’s Hot
  • Hot Shots
  • Seaside Treasures
  • HydroHomies


  • Autumn Leaves
  • Falling Into Fitness
  • The Fall Legends
  • The Fall Guys
  • Crunchy Leaves Crew
  • Be-leaf in Yourself
  • Scarecrow Run
  • Stepping into Fall


Winter Walk
  • Winter Winners
  • Winter Wellness
  • Polar Express

Tip 3 Include the month in the title


  • January Journey
  • January Jamming
  • January Jostle


  • Fit for Feb
  • Fit Fab Feb
  • February Fitness 


  • March to Fitness…!
  • Movement March
  • March in Motion
  • Marching in March
  • Marching Madness 


  • Active April
  • Athletic April
  • April Fitness Awareness


  • Walk this May
  • May burner – MAX OUT
  • MAY-rathon


  • Juneteenth Awareness
  • Jump Start June


  • Jump into July
  • JUST DO IT July
  • Just in time for July


  • August Acceleration
  • Fall Leaves August 


  • Summer Sizzling Stepathon
  • STEP-tember
  • September Strides 


  • Walk-tober
  • Rocktober


  • Move-vember


  • December Dash
  • Pre-holiday Step Challenge
  • December – Holiday Hustle

Tip 4 Holiday theme or sports events 

New Year

Step into 2023
  • Step into the New Year
  • New Year Hustle!
  • Fresh and New 


  • Halloween Hustle
  • Skele-fun Run
  • Pumpkin Posse
  • The Smashing Pumpkins
  • Run For Pumpkin


  • Turkey Trot
  • Corn Maze Runners


Santas Run
  • Jingle Bell Walk
  • The Reindeer Games
  • Santa’s Little Trotters
  • Xmas run

Sports Events

  • Middle East Step Challenge World Cup 2022
  • Get Moving! – Olympic Summer/Winter Games

Tip 5 Draw inspiration from your challenge type

If you have decided on the challenge type you wish to create, you can draw inspiration for your challenge name from that specific type. For example, you may name your challenge if you want to encourage people to gain as many steps as they can, or include your daily step goal in your challenge name so that participants can know exactly what they are chasing.

  • How many steps did you get?
  • How far can you go?
  • Daily 5,000 steps challenge
  • Individual 10K Steps Daily
  • Most Improved Team over the challenge 

Tip 6 Stay on topic

Keep in mind that the purpose of this workplace walking challenge is to get people active, so use that to your advantage when naming it. Action verbs like step, run, move, stride, or walk may be used in your fitness challenge names to keep it on track. Here are some suggestions to help you:

  • One Step at a Time
  • One Step Ahead
  • One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for [Your Company]
  • Keep on Stepping
  • Let’s Get Moving with [Your Company]
  • Sprint for Success with [Your Company]
  • Diving into Wellness with [Your Company]
  • Walking towards Wellness
  • Walking towards a Healthier Lifestyle
  • [Your Company] Wellness Month – Step Challenge 

Tip 7 Emphasize the value of the challenge

Some challenges are used to promote several specific aspects of employee wellness or have charitable purposes. Include the value of the challenge in your challenge name to inspire your participants.

  • Step Up to Breast Cancer
  • Step challenge in support of charity
  • Diabetes & Exercise – Walk Challenge
  • Step into a good night’s sleep
  • Walk For Kidney Healthy

Tip 8 Try to use team names for your challenges

Just do a quick search for step challenge team names to find more amazing ideas for creative step challenge names.

  • A Step in the Right Direction
  • Stronger Together
  • Foot Fire
  • Ghost Walkers
  • Holy Walkamolies
  • Legs Miserable
  • Strolling Squad
  • Sole Mates
  • Stop to Rest, Do Your Best
  • The Walkie Talkies

Tip 9 Some step challenge names from our customers

Here are some interesting fitness challenge names from our customers that probably can inspire you: 

  • I do not like Mondays…
  • I do not like Mondays. Better Tuesdays?
  • Time for a strong finish. Whose in? 
  • Stepping Stride the Distance
  • Slow Down For What
  • Revenge of the Steps
  • Hunger Games
  • Watch Your Step!

Final words

Keep in mind that just focusing on your challenge’s name won’t make it successful. It is important to make the challenge interesting for your employees and motivate them to become more active.

Pacer for Teams makes office step challenges easy and fun for your employees. Putting in the effort to create a challenge that will promote participation and some friendly competition along the road will provide the most significant benefit in the end.

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