Workplace Wellness Calendar 2023

A workplace wellness calendar is a useful tool for companies and employers to manage employee health and wellness. Share a wellness calendar with the management team and employees can build connections between them and offer transparency of information around corporate wellness programs. It also demonstrates the organization’s faith in maintaining the whole company healthy and prospering.

Prepare for a good start in 2023 by developing a strategy to incorporate appropriate health observances in your workplace throughout the year.

Know about health observances

Health observances are events that are aware of both nationally and globally to promote things about various aspects of health. It contains information from learning about common health topics to developing good habits or quitting bad ones. By including health observances in your wellness calendar, you can educate, engage, and raise awareness about major health issues in your company.

Apart from educating the public, wellness events also raise awareness of a certain health issue or cause. This social event can help you address common health and wellness issues while maintaining a sense of connection with each other.

The importance of health observances

Health observances are a great way to bring people together for a wellness-related topic that matters to you and your employees. They give you a chance to provide educational materials and enhance your entire corporate wellness program. Employees can manage their health and make their wellness journey visible by improving overall awareness. Employees will feel encouraged, motivated, and driven to act toward change while socially connected in this program.

Health observances combine awareness, education, and social interaction to maintain health and well-being at the forefront of your employees’ thoughts all year.

We recommend that you use these dates as a key strategy to improve your wellness program.

How can I include health observances in my corporate wellness program?

After introducing the background, how do you make use of health observance days in your corporate wellness program? Let’s start making a simple wellness calendar.

What is a workplace wellness calendar?

A workplace wellness calendar is a yearly corporate schedule used to highlight important events, activities, and programs related to health and wellness. Employees will be informed about what health programs the company offers throughout the year and how they can participate. Important dates, activities, tips for health, and any other available wellness programs can be found on calendars.

A wellness calendar is an excellent method to raise awareness of wellness that are important to you and your employee. Pick the dates that are related to your company culture and employees’ values and arrange some events accordingly. Furthermore, you can highlight healthy habits that you want to promote, such as highlighting Gratitude Month in November.

Tips for building a workplace wellness calendar


Work and rest

Employees are more likely to participate in wellness activities if they are designed and published properly. We suggest scheduling pauses between various fitness programs and being aware of any busy times of the year in your business. By having breaks, you’ll also offer people a chance to get pumped up for the next event while preventing burnout.


Maintain a balance in how you engage employees in health-related activities. Combining a variety of activities, challenges, and wellness events can keep things interesting and fresh. To ensure that your yearly health schedule is comprehensive and robust, plan and prepare ahead of time.

Focus on communication

The way you communicate with your employees will make a significant impact on the effectiveness of your health program. Consider which channel is most likely to be effective in reaching people at your company. Email, Slack or WhatsApp, company portals, company calendars, and fliers are a few examples. Design and create your wellness calendar in a motivating, clear, and concise way.


Don’t forget to check that the wellness calendar you’re developing is relevant to your employees. Employee participation and passion are both increased when the themes are interesting and useful. Before you start, it’s a good idea to ask people about their interests in health and wellness to make sure you’re going in the correct direction.

What should be included in a wellness calendar?

Include specific dates while creating your yearly wellness calendars, such as health benefits details, workplace holidays, and fitness challenge dates. Additionally, we recommend arranging a variety of health observances you wish to celebrate during the year and putting together a well-balanced calendar of ideas!

Combining a health observance day with a fitness activity or an intentional communication approach might be effective. This may be the best strategy for encouraging employees to take part in health and fitness events.

Here are some creative ideas you may use in your workplace:

Run a fitness challenge

people are in a fitness challenge

A fitness challenge is used to inspire employees to move and take actions that improve their health or help them form good habits. We suggest that run a challenge that lasts for a month to maintain participants motivated and engaged.

Step challenge is the most popular company fitness challenge type in the workplace. It’s easy to create and manage. People compete to see how many steps they can get during the challenge period. Pacer for Teams is a useful platform for you to start your office step challenge in minutes.

One-day health event

A one-day health event is a quick and effective way to raise awareness of a specific topic. Inform everyone in the company before the event, so that people can prepare for it well.

For instance, encourage a cycling-to-work day on September 22nd, which is World Car Free Day. Employees can switch to eco-friendly transportation to get to the office. Exercising while promoting environmentally friendly concepts.

Some companies have R U OK DAY to host some health activities, such as meditation sessions, therapy, and massages. These short activities reduce employees’ anxiety and show them that the company cares.

Build a virtual adventure

Virtual Adventure

Virtual adventure is a virtual route on a map, participants race to finish while immersing themselves in the world’s most famous locations or the places related to your organization. Unlock new locations along the map as participants progress through the challenge. Each new location is a chance to immerse themselves in the virtual experience and learn about local landmarks, history and culture.

For example, employees usually get tired at the end of the year. Creating an interactive fitness challenge can help people keep motivated while having fun. Pacer for Teams provides more than 50 pre-designed routes for you to choose from, and you also can plot your own route to create a unique route for your employees.

Fundraiser for a charity purpose

A fundraiser is a good approach to implementing wellness initiatives while improving health awareness. Share a charitable topic with your employees and get support from them. Design a fitness event that can help attract attention and raise money for that purpose.

February 4th is World Cancer Day, contact a local cancer charity and organize a 10K walk or run to let people pay more attention to it and raise money for people who are suffering from cancer. Employees will get more active and engaged because they know they are doing something good for society.

Share useful information

Communicate with your employees! If you do not have the time and budget to run a fitness event, sharing useful wellness reminders is another good point that can be included in your calendar. Communications can help you share more health-related information as well as show the company’s support for employee wellness.

For example, May is Mental Health Month, you can run some psychological tests for employees to help them know the situation of their mental health. Create printable and digital materials to promote this topic. Employees can learn from the materials how to deal with stress, and what to do when they feel down.

Health Observances in 2023

Here are the health observances in 2023, find the ones that are fit for your company to enrich your corporate wellness program.



National Mentoring Month 

Walk Your Dog Month


January 21 – National Hug Day

January 23 – National Reading Day

January 31 – Give Kids A Smile Day



Boost Your Self-Esteem Month

Heart Month in the USA

Low Vision Awareness Month


February 7 – 13 – African Heritage & Health Week


February 3 – Go Red for Women

February 2 – Time to Talk Day – United Kingdom

February 4 – World Cancer Day

February 7 – Send a Card to a Friend Day

February 17 – Care Day 



National Nutrition Month

National Save Your Vision Month

Workplace Eye Wellness Month


March 12 – 18 – National Sleep Awareness Week

March 13 – 19 – Brain Awareness Week

March 14 – 20 – Nutrition and Hydration Week


March 4 – Employee Appreciation Day

March 18 – World Sleep Day

March 20 – International Day of Happiness

March 22 – World Water Day



Move More Month

National Autism Awareness Month

National Donate Life Month

National Interprofessional Health Care Month

Occupational Therapy Month 


April 3 – 9 – National Public Health Week


April 1 – Walk-to-Work Day

April 7 – World Health Day

April 22 – International Mother Earth Day

April 28 – World Day for Safety and Health at Work



Better Hearing and Speech Month

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

Healthy Vision Month

May Measure Month

Mental Health Month

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

National Walking Month – United Kingdom

Skin Cancer Prevention Month


May 7 – 13 – North American Occupational Safety and Health Week

May 14 – 20 – National Women’s Health Week

May 21 – 27 – Healthy and Safe Swimming Week


May 21 – World Meditation Day

May 26 – Don’t Fry Day

May 26 – Heat Safety Awareness Day

May 31 – National Senior Health & Fitness Day



Men’s Health Month

National Safety Month


June 12 – 18 – National Men’s Health Week

June 26 – 30 – World Well-being Week


June 5 – Cancer Survivors Day

June 10 – Family Health & Fitness Day USA



UV Safety Month


July 29 – August 5 – Love Parks Week – United Kingdom



August 4 – Cycle-to-Work Day – United Kingdom

August 7 – National Aged Care Employee Day

August 18 – Never Give Up Day 



Fruits & Veggies – More Matters Month

Healthy Aging Month

National Food Safety Education Month

National Preparedness Month

National Recovery Month

National Yoga Awareness Month

Pain Awareness Month

Whole Grains Month


September 18 – 22 – Malnutrition Awareness Week


September 5 – International Day of Charity

September 21 – Get Ready Day

September 22 – World Car Free Day

September 27 – National Women’s Health & Fitness Day

September 29 – World Heart Day



Health Literacy Month

National Physical Therapy Month


October 1 – 7 – Mental Illness Awareness Week

October 12 – 20 – Bone and Joint Health Action Week

October 15 – 21 – National Healthcare Quality Week

October 16 – 20 – National Health Education Week

October 23 – 31 – Red Ribbon Week


October 1 – World Vegetarian Day

October 7 – World Smile Day

October 10 – World Mental Health Day



Movember – National Men’s Health Awareness Month 


November 6 – National Stress Awareness Day – United Kingdom



Safe Toys and Celebrations Month


December 2 – 8 – National Hand-washing Awareness Week

December 20 – January 5 – Festival of Winter Walks – United Kingdom


December 1 – World AIDS Day

Workplace wellness calendar sample

Here is a sample of the workplace wellness calendar we come up with. You can use the information above to design your own one.


Step into the New Year! A step challenge to inspire people to get active and pay attention to health at the beginning of a new year.


Fundraiser for Cancer Patients. Raise awareness of cancer prevention and join a fundraiser run to help cancer patients.


World Water Day! Take part in a mini challenge to raise awareness of the 2 billion people living without access to safe water and remind everyone to keep hydrants in the workplace.


No physical events this month, but health-related tips will be shared via email.


R U OK? Join us in a meditation session, therapy, or a 15-min massage onsite. Mend brains and minds by removing and reducing stress.


All Sweat, No Rest. Prepare for an active summer and take a 5k run to get ready for the hot days.


Adventure begins. Try your best to finish a virtual route on the map. Travel the world virtually and get fitness at the same time.


Wellness fair. Local vendors and businesses will come to the office for a day of discussion about nutrition and fun workplace health activities. 


Cycle-to-work challenge. A great way to promote wellness while also reducing pollution.




Daily step goal challenge. Finish a daily 10,000 steps goal as many days as you can. A good habit starts now.


Join a virtual adventure – Rovaniemi! Let’s celebrate Christmas!

What’s next? Give feedback on this year’s wellness program and share your ideas on what we can do in the next year.

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