121 Innovative Employee Wellness Program Ideas to Make Your Workplace Happy

Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset. Employees’ healthy behaviors are fostered in a healthy workplace. Employers and employees must collaborate to make health and fitness a part of the corporate culture.

It is your obligation to provide a healthy workplace where employees feel productive and protected.

When discussing health, it is necessary to include the eight components of workplace wellness. Prior to 2021, people were more concerned with physical fitness. 

With an increase in professional stress and burnout, mental health becomes a significant consideration.

The Covid -19 pandemic and the resulting hybrid working model have resulted in an increase in mental health disorders among employees globally. According to History, every pandemic causes a significant decline in mental health. People all around the world have been experiencing heightened concern, anxiety, wrath and perplexity in addition to post-traumatic stress illnesses.

Changes in work patterns, poor working conditions, chasing home and work expectations, job loss and other factors such as losing loved ones in a pandemic, fear of financial instability and so on have exacerbated the mental health crisis this time.

What is the Employee Wellness Program?

An employee wellness program is a collection of efforts ranging from fitness challenges to health screenings and flu vaccine clinics designed to promote the general health of employees. 

Wellness programs are adaptable, driven mostly by employee requirements and company resources.

Benefits of Employee Wellness programs

A business wellness program is not the same as an employee wellness program. Apart from enhancing employee health, these programs also serve other purposes, such as

  • Boost employee engagement
  • Reduce absenteeism and increase staff retention
  • Increase employee morale
  • It breaks the monotony
  • Reduces the expense of employee healthcare and increases flexibility
  • Maintains employee motivation and productivity
  • Guaranteed ROI
  • Enhances work-life balance

121 Employee wellness program ideas 

Instead of looking at insurance premiums and the bottom line, companies are now focused on their employees’ overall well-being because, well, it’s the right thing to do. Plus, happy and engaged employees help make for a successful business.

Take a look at these employee wellness program ideas to boost your employees’ wellbeing, engagement, and job satisfaction.

1. Use your recognition and rewards program to promote healthy efforts

Invite local vendors and businesses to your office for a day of discussion about nutrition and fun workplace health activities. You should have no trouble convincing local businesses to come because it is a terrific way for them to showcase their services.

Bike to Work Day participants can be identified by the grease marks on their calves and the helmet on their desk. But, when your organization grows, how can you scale and reward your health initiatives? Whether it’s Bike to Work Day, flu vaccines, or a business step challenge.

2. Encourage employees to experiment with new things.

Giving employees the ability to select how they wish to de-stress is the best way to encourage employee wellness.

You can provide your employees free time to pursue hobbies or abilities that they would not have time to develop during their usual work week.

Adding a wellness perk to your company’s rewards program can have a good influence on your employees when they return to work following their new experience.


3. Exciting 5-Minute Stretching Exercise

All of our work is now done online. Your staff must labor for long periods of time in front of their laptops with no breaks. It might cause a stiff neck and back pain, creating discomfort throughout the day.

Help them out with some refreshing and enjoyable 5-minute stretches.

5-Minute Stretching Exercise

4. Take advantage of “Wellness Wednesday”

wellness wednesday

Reap the benefits of “Wellness Wednesday”

Set aside a hump day to experiment with any of the suggestions on this list. If you have a workplace that is set in their ways or otherwise reluctant to change, this wellness Wednesday idea is a terrific technique. 

One day per week appears much more doable (and less intimidating) and can serve as a springboard to healthier habits.

Wellness Wednesday is an excellent concept because it falls in the middle of the week, when employees normally have some downtime.

5. Yoga Sessions

employee well being

A workplace wellness concept is insufficient without a wellness plan. And what is most suited to the goal of a wellness program? A comprehensive yoga regimen. An enjoyable and calming yoga practice, on the other hand, increases employee wellness involvement.

Try to lift your employee’s spirits and get them ready for the day. Offering a corporate yoga session is one approach to assist your staff cope with emotional stress. It improves work performance and creativity, which are critical for company growth.

6. A redeemable gift program might help you celebrate a good triumph

Whether your employee completes a difficult project, closes a large sale, or meets a quarterly goal, these workplace events are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate achievement, reward employees for their contributions, and improve overall employee wellness.

However, it can be tough to find the perfect gift that is both personalized and simple to order, package, and present to them. With a redeemable gift program, you can eliminate the guessing by allowing employees to choose a present on behalf of the team!

7. Healthy eating habits should be promoted and rewarded

Proper nutrition is an important component of overall wellness, but it is frequently difficult to address in the workplace. This is especially true when routines are disrupted, such as during the pandemic, when employees are either absent from or returning to the office.

Employers can assist by establishing a nutrition challenge that rewards employees for taking measures to develop healthy eating habits. Employees can engage in a business wellness challenge by logging their meals, attending nutrition courses and webinars, and sharing their favorite snacks with coworkers.

8. Organize a health fair

Invite local vendors and businesses to your office for a day of discussion about nutrition and fun workplace health activities. You should have no trouble convincing local businesses to come because it is a terrific way for them to showcase their services.

9. Examine Your Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the discipline of planning work tasks (and work environments) to reduce stress on the human body. This includes keyboards designed to reduce the danger of repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, screens that reduce eye strain, and chairs that reduce back pain.

10. Meetings on the Walk and Talk

You can communicate with your employees through entertaining walks and discussion gatherings. It is the most effective technique to get your staff to step outside of their regular comfort zone.

Provide attendees with advance notice of the walking meeting- It is usually polite to notify everyone so that they can prepare ahead of time. This way, they can prepare for it and have any essential things on hand.

Make an agenda for your Walking Meeting- As with any other business meeting, advance planning is crucial. An agenda serves as a guide for you to make plans for the session.

11. Provide Virtual Fitness Classes

Virtual exercises allow you to participate in a sweat session at your own pace and convenience. It will allow fitness enthusiasts to exercise at any time of day.

You can learn about fitness by watching YouTube videos and referring to numerous web resources. Encourage your staff to follow fitness professionals and stay healthy.

12. Chair massage on-site can be used to reward your crew.

Could your team benefit from an increase in energy, relaxation, or even posture? In-office chair massage can bring them back to life!

Other benefits of massage include lower blood pressure, better sleep quality, and enhanced productivity. Regular chair massage improves performance by lowering tension and improving focus and relaxation.

13. Deliver Healthy Snack Boxes 

Collaborate with Corporate Snack Suppliers or Create Your Own Signature Snack Box or you can customize your food package to add a unique touch. Try to be inventive with meals that do not contain trash!

14. Apps For Health And Fitness

It is critical to maintain a safe working environment due to Covid 19. It entails attempting every possible measure to improve employee health. Digital software technology has made tremendous advances in this area.

Pacer for Teams (P4T)is one such example. It is a business wellness app that can track your daily steps. Using Pacer for Teams, admins can create challenges in minutes and invite users in seconds. Some of its notable features are

  • Real time Admin portal
  • Calorie counter
  • In-app rewards 

Our 2021 review outline the following results-

  • Total number of P4T organizations: 3,628
  • Total number of P4T participants: 96,919
  • Total step challenge step count: 24,855,197,240
  • Total distance challenge distance (miles): 2,326,447
  • P4T distance challenge participants walked to the moon and back 4.8 times!

Don’t believe our words, believe what you see – Yewdale case study.

15. Motivate With Fitness Points

Wellness campaigns can be incentivized to increase staff participation. Try to provide business incentives such as brand discounts. 

16. Join in a 5K run

Find a 5K in your area and offer to pay the registration cost for anyone who wants to join.

You can also organize a regular running group so that participants can get in shape for the race ahead of time (A running group not only improves your race time but also gives priceless connections).

Keep your employee groups active with the more engaging challenges. Pacer for Teams allows you to choose customized routes on the virtual map with multiple challenge options. 

17. Distribute workout “passes”

Give employees a free hour to work and exercise to keep them happy and healthy. Create workout “passes” that employees can use to come in an hour late or leave an hour early in order to fit excellent workouts into their hectic days. 

Depending on the needs of your office, the passes might be good for one day per week or one day per month. (If your company’s leadership enjoys it, you can even collaborate with your Human Resources team to develop some official policies.)

This tiny boost of flexibility may be precisely what many employees need to get more exercise and, as a result, feel better every day.

18. Before work, organize fun game sessions.

what is an employee wellness program

Play some fun activities like Photo Of Your Day, where each group can post a picture of anything from their life that tells a story about the employee, to break up the typical work-from-home routine. 

Then, ask them to tell you about the narrative behind the photo they shared. Draw the Picture is a communication game in which a person describes a picture. Others are required to draw what they hear. When everyone shares their artwork, it makes for a nice laugh.

19. The 7 Hour Sleep Challenge

Employees keep track of how many nights they slept at least 7 hours for 30 days. The winner is chosen at the end of the month.

Sleep Cycle tracks and analyzes your sleep, waking you up at the most perfect time, feeling rested!

20. The Lifetime Challenge

The 8-week Whole Life Challenge rewards participants for following each of the 7 Daily Habits: diet, exercise, mobilize, sleep, hydrate, lifestyle, and reflect. 

A scoreboard engages you in friendly rivalry with coworkers, and game elements keep you engaged.

21. Healthy cooking competitions

Make your employees’ cook favorite healthy meals and bring them to work for a cooking competition voted on by the entire office.

22. The Challenge of 8 Glasses of Water

Employees keep track of how many days they drank at least 8 glasses (8 ounces) of water over the course of 30 days. The winner is chosen at the end of the month. 

The Water Intaker app helps you keep track of the amount of water you drink each day to ensure you are drinking enough. It can track your intake based on your weight, or on your personal goals.

23. Establish Clear Expectations

Recognize that management is not always ideal. There will be difficulties, but make your expectations clear. This will keep employees from being dissatisfied at work. Examine the employee’s expectations as well.

Install checkpoints to track progress and, if necessary, adjust your expectations. It will relieve your staff of a lot of tension.

24. Breaks Without Compromise

In contrast to corporate culture, with a few minutes of entertaining sneak peeks. None of them are entertained by a work from home arrangement.

It causes employees to become stressed at the prospect of working lengthy hours. So promoting breaks with no strings attached is critical. It will allow people to disconnect from work.

25. Plan A Comedy Night Event

As a stress reliever, organize a comedy night for your employees. Ensure that employees have a friction-free experience while watching the entertainers.

Cash Levy is a high energy clean comedy show or as funny host and Master of Ceremonies. He is classy, never political, always hilarious. And he is fast on his feet! He is one of the best corporate event comedians you 

26. The Daily Mileage Challenge

Employees keep note of how many days they jogged at least one mile for 30 days. The winner is chosen at the end of the month.

Use Pacer for Teams to create customized step challenges for your employees and break their sedentary lifestyle. 

27. Scheme for Cycling to Work

This challenge encourages team members to bike to work instead of driving. For six weeks, ask staff to pedal or bike one day per week. Biking is not only good for the environment, but it is also a terrific way to get moving and remain fit.

Provide gift certificates for a local athletic shop upon completion of the challenge.

28. Step It Up Competition

Do your staff experience a sluggish afternoon dip at work? Do you need a quick way to warm up? Taking the stairs is the finest way to get your day started. For 30 days, encourage staff to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Maintain a chart at the top of the steps so participants can check off each time they use the stairs. Reward them with wellness incentives or a nutritious meal.

29. Hold Spontaneous Competitions

With impromptu contests and other company gifts, you may encourage healthier habits. Who packed the most nutritious lunch or who can perform the most pushups?

Change the contest focus frequently so that people have no idea what’s coming.

30. Stop Smoking and Start Living Campaign

It is generally known that smoking has numerous health concerns. Cigarettes, as one of the most addicting drugs on the globe, are a difficult habit to break.

With a challenge, you can help employees who want to quit smoking. Begin with a smoking cessation program. Wellness incentives can be used to recognise and reward accomplishments.

31. The 21-Day Gratefulness Challenge

Track three things you’re grateful for every day for 21 days on a shared Google sheet. In recent years, research on the physical and mental health benefits of appreciation has accumulated. Gratitude practice improves general health; it can make individuals joyful and perhaps drive them to exercise more.

32. Challenge to Lose Weight

Go to your warehouse and measure everyone in the office at the same time. Try to lose weight and take regular measurements. It will be a collaborative effort.

When everyone makes progress, you can create a shared prize for them. You might, for example, give the entire office a corporate cookshop. They can learn some innovative ways for improving their nutrition.

33. Encourage napping

Napping has been shown to boost creativity, productivity, and memory. Create a “sleep room” at your office by placing a comfortable recliner in an unoccupied area.

34. Participate in a Sporting Event

Intramural soccer, a badminton league, or swimming at the local pool are all inexpensive options to participate in sports in practically every city. You might urge your staff to form sports teams or to participate in existing sporting activities. 

Your organization may even “sponsor” the teams by providing them with logo-ed shirts.

35. The Meditation Test

Make it a point to encourage staff to incorporate meditation into their healthy lifestyles. As an engaging event, you might also offer lunchtime yoga classes. Various meditation apps can assist team members in getting started in their spare time.

Insight Timer provides guided meditations and talks led by the top meditation and mindfulness experts, neuroscientists, psychologists and teachers from Stanford, Harvard, the University of Oxford and more. Music tracks from world-renowned artists.

36. Leagues of Sport

Discover which sports your employees love participating in and develop company-wide leagues. If the idea survives, make it a cross-functional project or compete with other businesses.

Participating in a workplace sports league fosters a strong affinity and connection among your staff. It might be advantageous to both the corporation and the employees. 

It’s also a wonderful way to workout and unwind after a long day at work. Furthermore, your employees will have the opportunity to meet new people and establish new friends within the firm.

37. Convert an unused office space into a “No Work Allowed” Employee Lounge

It may contain a series of soft, comfortable couches for relaxation or naps, turfgrass (so you can feel like you’re outside without leaving the building), a shoe cubby, and a strong no-work-talk restriction! Employees can listen to guided meditations, play board games, or do yoga.

38. Begin a New Hobby

Encourage staff to develop new activities even if your health challenge isn’t about nutrition and exercise. It could have just as big of a favorable impact on their health.

Challenge employees to take up a passion they’ve always wanted to do, such as learning to play an instrument or taking an art class.

39. Give staff a day off on their birthday

If they prefer to work on their birthday, you can also grant them one floating holiday per year.

40. Celebrate Nutrition Month

A nutritious diet and enough nutrition consumption support optimal growth and development. Good diet is essential for living a healthy life and lowering the risk of chronic diseases.

41. Take advantage of Virtual Canteen Services

Employees can book their meals through virtual canteens. They can order their favorite foods with the press of a button, eliminating the need to stand in line. 

Employees may make the greatest use of their time by refueling, relaxing, and returning to work with maximum productivity.

42. Encourage staff to plan hourly breaks

According to studies, taking breaks is beneficial to our productivity, so encourage people to arrange a modest 5-10 minute break every 90 minutes to refresh and return strong. According to studies, even brief breaks give significant benefits.

43. Make a Statement With Smart Water Bottles

Encourage staff to determine and keep to their daily water intake. Staying hydrated is critical for living a healthy lifestyle, especially if your employees spend the majority of their time in dehydrating environments.

44. Reward your most dedicated staff

Give all employees who have served for five years a month-long sabbatical.

45. Create Your Own Workplace Cookbook

You can create the same cookbook in a friendly, inspiring manner. Of course, you’ll need the assistance of a creative office employee who enjoys scrapbooking.

The goal is to create a terrific go-to resource for when individuals run out of lunch ideas for the next day.

46. Set Up A Healthy Vending Machine

Snacks at work typically consisted of chocolate, candies, chips, and other sodium and sugar-laden products. Provide your employees with some delectable, healthier options that are quick and easy to obtain.

47. Allow for flexible paid time off

Allow employees to pick how they wish to utilize their paid time off bank (sick days, personal days, and vacation).

48. Establish Caffeine Intake Guidelines

When it comes to caffeine, the Food Standard for Australia and New Zealand Working Group discovered an anxiety-inducing level. It is 210 mg for adults.

Raise awareness about caffeine-containing beverages and encourage coworkers to keep it under 200 mg. If you decide to get your caffeine fix from coffee or tea, make sure it’s organic coffee from reputable sources.

49. Weekdays with themed attire

benefits of employee wellness programs

Choose a weekday for people to dress up in a specific theme.

Themed days are an excellent approach to increase staff morale and engagement.

50. Play some music

Play some music through the office’s speakers. Music has been shown in studies to promote mood, which can aid boost productivity and creativity. Choose music without lyrics and maintain it at a low volume. 

51. Provide Counseling Support

Managers have an important role in monitoring their employees’ mental health and ensuring they do not feel lonely at work.

One approach to check is to limit communication. Allowing employees to leave if pressed or suggesting that they work in co-working spaces.

52. Happy Hours sponsored by the company

Working hard needs to be rewarded with some hard play. After a hard workweek, take your company out for Happy Hour to help everyone decompress before the weekend.

53. Make a Mental Health Toolbox

employee wellness program ideas

The Mental Health Toolkit is not a finished product, but rather a work in progress. You may learn what works best for you and your staff through trial and error.

54. Giveaways of gift cards for important project completions or sales

Purchase a large number of Amazon or local restaurant gift cards, place each team member’s name in a bowl, and choose one at random each time a large sale or job is accomplished.

55. Software for Virtual Recognition

Nothing beats the sense of a manager publicly recognising his staff for a good deed. This passion can assist the employee in performing his duties more frequently, being on the scoreboard, and receiving praise.

56. Institute Fridays in the summer

During the summer, most businesses see a decrease in revenue and activity. Allow your employees to make the most of their summer vacation by giving half-day or shorter days on Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

57. Encourage a Day Off

Free time is vital for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. It is also the leading cause of employee wellness.

58. Recognize and Reward the Most Fit

Set up your company’s version of ‘The Biggest Loser,’ with awards that will excite your staff. It may not be about losing weight; it may be about lowering blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and other factors. 

Decide on the prizes with the rest of your team. Allow them to be motivating and worthwhile for your personnel.

59. Instill Good Sleeping Habits

Employees who are overburdened with job obligations and responsibilities are more likely to miss sleep in order to work longer hours. They even have trouble sleeping. It usually backfires because a lack of sleep can have serious implications.

Employees who get less than 7 hours of sleep every night may feel lethargic and unproductive at work. So, if your employees take longer to complete a task, he or she probably requires additional rest. 

Encourage your staff to learn more about healthy sleeping habits and how to incorporate them into their daily lives.

60. Begin the Employee Assistance Program

Positive reinforcement can do wonders for morale. So, recognise all of your employees’ minor triumphs and progress toward wellness goals. This manner, everyone can concentrate on the wonderful things they did and the things they do well in general.

Congratulate staff on a job well done. Recognize the accomplishments of your team. Allow them to celebrate their success.

61. Make Your Workplace More Friendly

Declare your workplace a mob-free and welcoming atmosphere.

Workplace bullying is frequently linked to workplace violence and misconduct. It can have an impact on both work performance and overall well-being. 

Most of the time, these are not reported and, in some cases, are not even recognized. Even verbal aggression is forbidden, no matter how ‘funny’ some individuals find it.

To avoid workplace bullying and mobbing, use anti-bullying training programs. Create avenues of communication between employees and employers for concerns like this.

62. Celebrate new hires by taking them out to lunch

Welcome new team members by bringing them out to lunch with your department.

63. Display your company’s mission and key values in the workplace.

A company’s “why” is almost always more essential than its “what.” Hire a graphic designer to make a poster or foam board printing cutout of your company’s mission and key principles and display it in a high-traffic area such as the breakroom, central conference room, or waiting area right as visitors enter the office.

Core values can help develop a sense of purpose in your employees’ daily work, leading to improved moods and increased employee engagement.

64. Organize a Fun Quiz Session

Make a quick multiple-choice quiz about living a healthy lifestyle. Reward everyone who completes the exam by the deadline with interesting awards. In a news report, announce the winner and all of the correct answers. 

Highlight the most often asked question to reinforce accurate answers and dispel falsehoods.

65. Secret Santa Party

It is not difficult to organize Secret Santa around the office, and it is usually enjoyable and thrilling. It is one of those games that boosts morale and makes employees feel more satisfied with their jobs.

67. Work anniversaries should be celebrated

Make annual work anniversaries a cause for celebration. Send an email to the team to mark the anniversaries of your team. Also, have the CEO or another member of the executive team write a handwritten note praising that employee for their service.

68. Office sports and dancing competitions are spectacular

It is a fun, dynamic, and engaging indoor activity in which everyone can participate.

Your staff can choose which games to use for the tournament. You can set up competitions for single individuals or teams. You might even organize an interdepartmental match. To complement this recreational activity, serve or sell nutritious snacks.

69. Organize a charity race or a fun run.

virtual employee wellness ideas

Such charity races and fun runs might help your employees stay active. However, they will have the gratification of knowing that they are helping a worthwhile cause. A fun run is a short race that is frequently held to raise money and awareness for a good cause.

Invite your staff, as well as their families, to the celebration. It’s not a matter of winning or losing.

What could be more fulfilling than having fun while doing a nice act while working out?

70. Encourage cubicle personalization

Hold a competition to see who can best customize their cube and then vote on a winner.

71. Degrees and Certifications 

While your employees are working, provide them with certifications or courses. Employees will improve their academic profile in this manner. It also benefits your firm because you are not losing talent to higher education.

You can look into reputable sources such as Coursera, Udemy, or Edx. They provide a variety of courses from reputable universities and professionals.

72. Interesting Employee Wellness Newsletters

There are always new trends in the workplace to make it healthier and more efficient. Compile your thoughts into a newsletter and distribute them to your employees.

73. Provide Professional Training

Employees appreciate the opportunity to gain new job abilities. It can be workplace-specific, career development, or internal job training.

These monthly meetings allow you to teach your personnel with the assistance of a consultant. They design programs based on your goals and objectives. They also assist staff in brainstorming methods to enhance and thrive inside the firm.

74. Create a recommendation program for employees

Because your good people are likely to know other good people, offer employees a bonus for introducing someone who gets hired and stays for at least 6 months.

75. Personal objectives should be prioritized

It takes a lot of dedication to get into that ideal shape. Put no additional pressure on your personnel until they are fitness aficionados. Allow them the freedom to choose weight loss options outside of their comfort zones.

It is not necessary for everyone to get in shape; what is important is to maintain good health through right eating habits and overall well-being. They’ll feel better about themselves as a result. It will also encourage them to continue on their path to wellbeing.

76. Appoint a “Governor” for Employee Wellness.

Make it exciting by holding an election every quarter, six months, or year in which the entire workplace votes on the new woman or man in charge.

77. Language Course Enrichment

It is usually advantageous for business if someone in the company speaks more than one language

78. Trekking and hiking

Hiking and trekking can make for an exciting weekend escape. Make a day trip to a local hill station for a hike.

79. Set Up Your Own Wellness Retreat

It’s a good environment that allows the personnel to unwind in the midst of nature. On weekends, you can visit your company’s outhouse or reserve a resort.

80. Picnic for the Team

A breath of fresh air and a change of scenery are always appreciated at the office. Organizing a picnic day allows your staff to recharge their batteries after a long day at work.

81. Go Camping

On a clear day, organizing a camping trip to a nearby hill or lake is a terrific way to celebrate weekends. Check the weather forecast and take any necessary precautions. 

You can also make the most of it by hosting a musical night or participating in fun sports.

82. Combine Your Retreat With Conferences

One regular component of working for a corporation is attending corporate seminars. However, following a full day of conferencing can be exhausting at times. You can spice up the moment with a fun wellness retreat.

When you’re out of town for a conference, take advantage of the chance. You not only save money on transportation. Explore the area’s gastronomic and local artists as well. You can spend the rest of the day doing local sightseeing.

83. Introduce Productivity Methods

Without a doubt, social media is one of the most popular — and easiest — ways to spend time. But there are moments when we need to cut ourselves off. It is not just to give ourselves a much-needed break from the screen, but also to complete any outstanding job.

Employees may waste time and energy by using social media apps. Introduce them to social media clocks so they can keep track of their time limitations.

84. Provide Company Discounts

Employers provide corporate discounts in order to attract and retain valuable quality personnel.

A significant employee discount on products and service can also lead to higher morale among the ranks. Offering a deep discount on products and service may make the recipient feel like a valued customer to the business as well as an appreciated employee.

85. Gym Membership for Free

However, the most compelling reason to provide rewards is the human component. Employees who receive excellent service are frequently healthier and happier. They are more engaged at work and produce more. They take fewer sick days and frequently report a higher quality of life.

Try contacting any local gym owner and asking for subscription rebates. You can also sell virtual training subscriptions. It is beneficial for employees who are hesitant to exercise in public.

86. Spa and massage services 

Pamper your hardworking employees with a pleasant spa treatment. From time to time, provide spa and massage coupons.  You may take it to the next level by bringing in a massage therapist. Once a week, they would alternate and deliver a free 15-minute massage to all employees.

87. Team Gratitude Day in Action

Thanking or complimenting someone makes them happy and makes us happy. It promotes happiness and positivity to others if it is reciprocated.

Gratitude teachings can lift your employees’ spirits. Make an effort to instill a positive attitude in your personnel. It enhances and interacts with the experiences.

88. Take part in Scavenger Hunts

It’s a fantastic team-building activity. Everyone is divided into teams and given duties to fulfill on foot. Make assignments that will test your employees’ analytical and strategic abilities. That is what keeps them interesting and fascinating.

This enjoyable pastime always brings employees together. It allows them to practise collaboration while also enhancing office spirit. You can employ team-building experts like Scavenger Hunt Anywhere if you don’t want to do it yourself.

89. Celebrate the Birthdays of Your Employees

Employee birthdays should be acknowledged and celebrated as a method to demonstrate concern. Make a beautiful birthday calendar board and post all of your employees’ birth dates on it. It’ll be amusing to see everyone anticipating someone’s birthday.

You can also send a personalized birthday email on the first of every month. This way, you can get an early start on the month’s birthday celebrations. On each employee’s birthday, give them a promotional pen or notebook.

These modest mementos and acts of kindness help them appreciate their jobs even more.

90. Workshops on Personal Finance

It is all too simple to get your money incorrect and make poor financial judgments. When this occurs, a person may feel as if they have worked hard but have earned little.

Avoid such situations. One option is to provide personal financial training. It will enable your staff to gain control of their finances, increasing their quality of life.

91. Make an Organic Office Garden

Fresh veggies and fruits can be grown in your office garden. Gardening at the office is an excellent team-building activity. It also has a place as an employee benefit.

92. Enhance Team Communication

Communication is critical in the workplace. Stress can be reduced by maintaining open communication with coworkers or managers.

Ensure that all of the organization’s communication routes are operational. It will ensure that those at higher levels receive accurate information.

93. Conduct a Pulse Survey

employee wellness survey

Employees appreciate receiving regular feedback on their job performance. A pulse survey increases employee loyalty for your organization.

94. Provide a Corporate Tai-chi Class

All your busy corporate personnel require is to practise mindfulness and experience tranquility. Provide corporate tai chi classes. It is an old Chinese martial technique that is versatile. It provides employees with something exciting to think about while working.

95. Perform Health Risk Assessments

A business health risk assessment, or HRA, assesses all of the health-related risks that employees face.

It addresses a wide range of health and wellness programs. It tracks blood pressure, nutrition, stress, sleep, and mental health.

96. Make a Memory Wall at the Office

A picture is worth a thousand words. Your employees would cherish all of the moments they made in your office. It is only possible if you request that they make an office memory wall in the workplace.

97. To reach milestones, spin the wheel.

Purchase an Amazon Dry Erase Spinning Prize Wheel for employees to spin for prizes when they reach significant milestones such as meeting a quarterly target, winning a corporate challenge, and so on.

98. Make work hours flexible

Everyone wants more job flexibility since it allows them to tailor their day to their lifestyle. Break the routine of mandatory working hours (i.e., 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. with a half-hour lunch break) and focus more on results. 

What matters most is the effectiveness and quality of someone’s work.

99. Provide one remote working day every week

Allow your competent and dependable team members to work remotely one day every week. Some of the benefits of remote work include the ability to work more productively, avoid long commutes, and spend more time with family.

100. Each department having a morning huddle

Schedule a daily huddle with all department team members to communicate everyone’s major goals for the day and to notify others if they are required.

101. Corporate Cooking Classes That Are Fun

Cooking workshops are popular among business groups. It’s a skill that everyone enjoys because it allows them to showcase their cooking abilities.

102. 20% time

Google used to provide “20% time,” which allowed employees to focus on side projects one day per week (provided it advanced Google in some way). The program resulted in the creation of Gmail and Adsense, thus it may allow your team to focus on their actual creative talent.

103. Make a “high-five” wall

Make cutouts of each employee’s name and glue them to a magnet. Then buy a white board and put all the names up on it. Make some dry-erase markers available so that people can recognise another team member for anything positive they did.

104. Departmental “Crucial Outcomes”

Create a Google shared spreadsheet in which everyone in a department lists the three most critical assignments, tasks, or projects they must do each day, as well as their top five for the week. 

At the conclusion of the day, highlight “crucials” in green if they were completed and red if they were not. This will help to increase accountability and focus on the most critical items for each individual.

105. Tuesday is a “no-talk day”

Try to avoid non-urgent meetings and distractions between 9 a.m. and noon. It will allow everyone in the company to get more work done early in the week, making the end of the week less stressful.

106. At the end of the week, there will be an acknowledgement and gratitude meeting

Unacknowledgement can rapidly lead to burnout. However, it is a simple employee wellness issue to resolve. Schedule a half-hour meeting on Friday afternoon for the firm to assemble and go around in a circle naming another person’s work that they want to recognise and one thing they are grateful for that week.

107. Create a community library

Install a bookshelf at your office and invite everyone to contribute books to the library. Make a sign-up sheet for people to check in and out books.

108. Request that folks develop a vision board

People use vision boards to correlate imagery with the things they desire to achieve in life.

109. Daily or weekly inspirational quotation

Who doesn’t appreciate a good quote? Most businesses have a bulletin board or chalkboard near the entrance where employees frequently pass by. To stimulate the office, write a fresh inspirational quotation every day or every week.

110. Make an acknowledgment jar

Set up a jar with strips of paper and a pen next to it so that people can acknowledge the work of others. During your weekly team meetings, read the acknowledgements aloud.

111. Flu Vaccination Programs

Flu vaccinations in the workplace are the best investment for organizations. Annual flu vaccinations help businesses defend themselves against any potential illnesses.

112. Install employee wellness software.

Employee wellness programs can be challenging to administer. Organizations can use a variety of corporate employee wellness technologies to help administer and sustain programs that keep team members engaged and active. 

These forms of company culture software can assist with employee health education and confidential health exams, as well as increasing employee participation and progress through gamification with incentives.

113. Get Desk Bikes

In recent years, modern offices and workspaces have come a long way. Following the adoption of ergonomic furniture, bike workstations are now in new wellness trends.

It utilizes lots of energy, tones your calf muscles & enhances mood and productivity.

114. Set up a dedicated helpline service

Even after taking every precaution to engage remote workers. Managers should be flexible and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in order to reach out to their key staff.

Using helpline platforms such as phone, email, or video conferencing. Attending any queries might help people connect with the institutions more effectively.

115. Provide a donation matching program

Companies such as Apple will match any charitable or philanthropic gifts made by their employees.

116. Substitute Old Junk Food Vending Machines With a Healthy Micro Market

Across the country, businesses are replacing obsolete vending machines with new, nutritious mini markets. Micro markets are self-service, unattended convenience stores incorporated into an office breakroom. Employees benefit from fresh meals and produce, as well as the ability to view nutritional information before making a purchase.

117. Post Help with Back Pain and Eye Strain

Sitting at a desk for hours on end, gazing at a computer, is a sure way to develop back discomfort and eye strain. Print and put infographics for better posture and eye strain on your company bulletin board.

118. Compensate Your Employees For Volunteering

Allow your employees a set amount of time each month to leave their workstations and volunteer.

119. Free Company Equipment

Ensure that your staff has all of the awesome corporate gear you give out at conferences and social events (hats, t-shirts, polo shirts, pens, and so on).

120. Set Up a “TEAM BUCKS” System

Create a fictitious currency in which people can give each other “Team Bucks.” Allow users to save and trade “Team Bucks” for real-world prizes such as gift cards.

121. Provide Paid Maternity Leaves

Consider providing paid maternity leave to new mothers if your firm does not already do so.


A company wellness program is more than just a great employee benefit. It’s an efficient technique to ensure that your personnel are in good enough health to execute their best work.

You can promote employee well-being in the workplace with our broad selection of program options.

Which wellness concepts would you incorporate into your future program? Let me know in the comments below.

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