Pacer Coach, Noom, and Weight Watchers: which weight loss plan is right for you?

Pacer Coach, Noom, and Weight Watchers: which weight loss plan is right for you?

If you’re looking for a weight loss program, you’ve probably seen Noom or Weight Watchers (WW). Both of these programs have helped millions of people lose weight. But they might not be the best solution for everyone.

Pacer Coach offers a comprehensive weight loss program around exercise, nutrition, psychology, and behavior change based on scientific research. It focuses on developing life-long healthy habits for sustainable weight loss.

It can be overwhelming if you’re looking at different weight loss programs, read on to learn about the details on Pacer Coach, Noom, and WW, so you can choose the right program that best suits your personal needs.

Pacer, Noom, and Weight Watchers: a quick comparison

Pacer Noom Weight Watchers
What can you eat? Nothing is off-limits. Use a 3-color system and calorie limit. Eat anything within the limits of allotted points.
Exercise & Physical Activity Adaptive step goals & guided video workouts Basic pedometer Partner with exercise apps
Daily Lessons Exercise, nutrition, psychology, and behavior-change lessons Psychology lessons N/A
Weight Log Weight Log with Weight Loss Projections Weight Log Weight Log
Meal Log
  • Log what you eat
  • Log your eating habits
  • Log your emotions
Log what you eat Log what you eat
Reminders Intelligent reminders based on your schedule Meal Logging Reminder Basic Reminders
What else can you track
  • Water intake
  • Healthy habits
  • Blood pressure
  • Exercise
  • Walk/bike/run GPS
  • Steps, distance, calories, active time
  • Water intake
  • Blood pressure
  • Exercise
  • Daily steps
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
Community Supportive community Weight loss group Member community
Activity Challenges Virtual challenges around the world N/A WW Challenges
Price 1 year for $49.99
  • Monthly $60
  • Annual auto-review $199
  • 1 month $23.99
  • 6 months $113.99
  • 12 months $199.99


Pacer Coach for Weight Loss

At Pacer, we always believed in a healthy way of living that’s sustainable. When it comes to weight loss, this still holds true. The goal of losing weight is to achieve a healthy weight with reduced health risks and be more confident, energetic, and happy. Weight loss should never be a struggling and tedious process of calorie counting and restrictive dieting.

Many people who tried other weight loss programs may experience weight regains or develop a distorted relationship with food. Pacer wants to change that – we want to design a weight loss program in which our users can develop healthy exercise and eating habits that are sustainable and can be kept for life.

Pacer’s approach to weight loss

At the core of Pacer Coach’s weight loss program, it’s based on scientific research and recommendations around food, exercise, and behavior change. It’s a comprehensive package with high-quality content and easy-to-use tools.

Daily Lessons

Pacer Coach Daily Lessons
Daily Weight Loss Lessons

With Pacer’s coach, you’ll get bite-sized lessons every day. These lessons encompass topics around how to build a balanced nutrition system, how to gradually increase your physical activity, how to change your mindset and beliefs around food and weight loss, etc. You’ll gradually become a master of all things weight loss and take control yourself.

Dynamic Step Goal & Guided Workouts

Dynamic Step Goal
Dynamic Step Goal

For your physical activities, Pacer will develop a personalized plan to help you gradually increase your activity level. You’ll get a daily step goal that changes with your increasing daily activities. You can also follow guided at-home workouts for strength training. No matter what your current activity level is, you can get more active and fit.

Food Journal & Healthy Recipes

Food Journal for Weight Loss
Food Journal

When it comes to meal logging, we know that calorie counting is tedious and can even distort your view of food. That’s why we encourage you to log your eating habits instead of counting calories in the food journal. We’ll help you analyze your eating habits and provide suggestions on how to build healthier ones.

If you’re into cooking yourself, we also provide healthy recipe recommendations. These recipes can be great additions to your meal ideas. They’re not strict meal plans so you don’t have to follow them exactly.

Weight Log and Weight Projections

Weight Loss Log and Projection
Weight Log and Projection

Pacer provides easy ways to keep track of your progress. You’ll get intelligent reminders to log your weight consistently. You can see a chart of your weight history and see your progress visually. Your BMI is automatically calculated based on your weight and height.

We understand that weight can fluctuate and sometimes it can be hard to see results instantly. That’s why we included a weight projection that can predict your weight in the next 30 days if you keep following healthy eating and exercising habits.

Other Great Features from the Pacer App

Besides the core features and contents mentioned about in Pacer Coach’s weight loss program, you can also enjoy many other great features that come with the Pacer app.

Pacer app offers first-class pedometer step tracking and GPS tracking for your daily steps and your walking/biking/running. You can track your steps 24/7 with your phone with a simple interface. You’ll get detailed data analytics about your steps, calories, distance, etc. Pacer can sync with apps and devices like MyFitnessPal, Apple Health, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Google Fit, and more.

You can participate in virtual adventure challenges in Pacer. In these challenges, you can explore the world and collect unique and beautiful badges once you successfully complete the challenge. You can read about these places in the world and explore the checkpoints in VR mode. It’s a fun way to ensure you get your desired activity level.

Get Pacer To Learn More

Get Pacer! Pacer offers lessons about weight, balanced nutrition, mindful eating, and more! If you don’t have Pacer yet, download Pacer now! (on mobile) and enjoy the 7-day free trial for Pacer Coach’s weight loss plan. 

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