What’s new in Pacer: New Group Interface + Email Verification

Pacer groups are now better and we’ve made our social functions more authentic and secure. We’ve made some visual and functional improvements to Pacer Groups so that it looks better and groups load faster. Check out the new look, add a website link to your group (if you haven’t already), and see fast they load.

To increase authenticity and security, we’ve added an email verification step to use the social features of Pacer. You can still count steps and use individual features without verifying your account, but to use features like feed, groups, and challenges you’ll need to sign in with an email address (or Facebook) and verify your email (if using email). This minimal step will increase security, as well as deterring spam or use of multiple accounts.

Logging in via email or Facebook also allows you to back up your Pacer data, which we recommend all users do to prevent losing your precious step data!

Read on to find out what’s new and what you can do to use these great features.

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Email Verification:

To use many of Pacer’s social features, you will now need to log in with Facebook or an email and verify your account. This can help to prevent spam and add a layer of authenticity and security to these features. It’s easy to do and only takes a few steps.

Quick note: Please try these steps first. If you’re not able to verify or don’t receive the verification email please email us at support@mypacer.com so we can look into it. Make sure to check your spam or trash folders, as the verification email may have landed there.

Verification Prompt:

If you happen to click a social feature, like creating a group or using the social feed and you’re not verified, you’ll get a message like this one:

Pacer app group email verification method

You can click “Verify” to start the process, or click Cancel to go back for now. Please note that you will need to complete the process to access that feature.

Enter your email address

Once you click Verify, you’ll be taken to the following screen to enter your email address:

Pacer app email verification method

You can also verify through Facebook if you like. Put in the email address you want to use and Pacer will email a verification message to that email address.

Check your email and confirm

You should receive an email within seconds to verify your account. You’ll receive an email that says “Email Confirmation” from no_reply@mails.mypacer.com.

Pacer app email verification method

Click Confirm Email to confirm. Then return to Pacer.

Use your social feature!

Restart Pacer or go back from the confirmation page and you’ll now be able to use the feature. You’ll see a quick message telling you that your account is verified, but it will disappear by itself. Your data can also be backed up which will allow you to recover data if your data is lost. You’ll want to make sure that this is set up correctly before deleting the app just in case.

Pacer app group email verification method


Pacer Groups have been improved. The interface looks better, and performance is now faster. Long loading times are a thing of the past. Here’s a quick guide to creating a group, just in case you haven’t done so yet.

Go to Groups -> Create

Pacer Groups creation interface 2

Add your Group Name, location, description and a logo and cover image. The cover image appears at the top of your Group page and the small log appears from the outside.

Scroll down for more inputs

Pacer Groups creation interface 2

Set your Group as Public or Private. Private Groups are limited to 40 users, and cannot be searched by Pacers. This means they cannot view group posts or group members. You will need to invite the users you want to join. Public groups can have up to 100 members and can be searched by anyone. Non-users can also view your group and what’s posted inside. You can require approval for new members in Public groups so that random people cannot join without your approval.

Add a website if you like as well for your users to check out.

View your group!

Pacer groups interface

Your users will see your cover image, group information as well as any posts that you’ve created. It should load much faster than before and it should be easier to view all your information the way you want it!

Click Manage … to edit your information, manage members and more!

Final Thoughts

We’re continuing to improve the app, so please let us know if you have any feedback on the updates, new features, or Pacer in general. Thanks for using our app!

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2 thoughts on “What’s new in Pacer: New Group Interface + Email Verification

  1. I was hoping I could somehow allow my husband to locate me. Especially in the case of emergency. I walk alone in rugged country and keep the GPS tracker on. Is there anyway he can pin point my location from his pacer app?

    1. Sorry for the late reply. We’ve introduced a “LiveTracking” function in our GPS tracking. You can send an invite to up to 3 people, and they can follow your GPS track. They don’t need to download Pacer – it’s available from a web interface. To find this, go to GPS and you’ll see Live Tracking at the bottom right. First, click that to enable Live Tracking. Once it’s enabled, you can send a Live Tracking link once you start a GPS session. Let me know if you have any trouble using it!

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