Product Review: Xpand Elastic No-Tie Laces

Disclosure: We received samples from Xpand to review, but this isn’t a sponsored post. Pacer will receive a commission for purchases through the link in the post. This review is our honest opinion of the product, and you should make your own decision about whether to purchase this product.

Hi Pacers! From time to time we’ll be bringing you our reviews of walking and health-related products, as well as deals from selected companies. We’re introducing our first review and offer – Xpand No-Tie Laces!

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Xpand No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces

Shoes with red Xpand no-tie laces



  • Xpand turns your favorite walking shoes (or any shoes) into slip-ons
  • Elastic laces + closure system keeps shoes fitting well even when running or exercising
  • Quick and easy to get in and out of your shoes
  • Available in many colors & 2 shapes to fit your shoes


  • A bit more expensive than regular laces
  • Needs to be installed
  • Fit may take a little while to get used to


Most walkers don’t think much about their shoelaces, but Xpand actually makes it very easy to slip your shoes on and off. Once you get the Xpand laces installed and fitted, you don’t have to think about them at all. Even when jogging or exercising, the laces stay tight and can’t come untied. $9.99 (or 3 or $25) isn’t insignificant, but 2 pairs for $10 in January (use promo code PACERNY) is a legitimately good deal. It’s cheaper than buying a new pair of slip-on shoes and you get to keep the walking shoes you like.

How to find Xpand?

You can learn more on their website. or click the picture below:

Xpand no-tie laces logo

Get a special 50% OFF in January! If you decide to try Xpand, just use the promo code PACERNY at checkout to get 2 pairs for only $10.

Initial thoughts

After putting Xpand laces on our shoes, they fit well and the Xpand laces didn’t look out of place on our shoes. It’s noticeable how much easier it is to take our shoes on and off with the Xpand laces, especially when we’re in a rush or in a spot that’s difficult to change our shoes. The laces feel snug, and we’ve had no problem running, jumping rope or doing other exercises.

Xpand laces on running shoes
Our shoes w/Xpand (Round/Quick Release)

With elastic laces, the feeling does take a day or two to get used to, and you may need to adjust the fit of your Xpand if they are too tight or too loose. We tried both the original (flat) laces and the quick release (round) laces. Quick-release does have the advantage of being able to quickly loosen or tighten the laces, but both work equally well.

Running shoe with Xpand laces
Our shoes w/Xpand (Round/Quick Release)

Xpand laces are a bit more expensive than regular replacement laces, and most people don’t actually replace their laces anyway so it is an extra expensive. When you consider the life of your walking shoes, $9.99 isn’t a huge added cost. It is cheaper than buying a separate pair of slip-on shoes. Slip-ons often can’t be adjusted like you can with elastic laces.


Installation took us about 10 minutes, part of which was adjusting the fit. Putting the anchors together was a bit confusing at first, but it was easier after checking the Xpand YouTube instructions (as well as the instruction book that comes with the laces). Once they’re on, you don’t really have to think about them anymore!

Xpand No-tie Laces installation

Some tips: 

  • When you start, untie one shoe at a time so you can refer back to the lace pattern of your other shoe. Some shoes have complicated lacing!
  • Wear your walking socks and put your shoes on while installing your laces. Walk for a minute before trimming the laces and locking the plastic end cap.
  • If you leave the laces too long, it’s possible (though difficult) to open the end cap with a screwdriver or key. The plastic cap doesn’t seem designed to come off (which is normally a good thing), so try to get the fit right the first time!
  • We saved our old laces in the Xpand bag. You can do this just in case you end up not liking Xpand.

Ease of use:

Where Xpand laces really shine is when you need to take your shoes on or off. Our shoes easily slip off when we get home, and we can slip them on quickly when we’re ready to go out. You will need to use your hands to open your shoes and pull them on (it’s not like slipping into flip-flops), but it is noticeably quicker and easier.

We tried changing Xpand shoes at our gym, which can be an annoying place to tie and untie shoes. There’s sometimes water on the floor and no easy place to sit, which often means hopping around avoiding stepping in water. With Xpand, it’s been quite easy to change shoes no matter what the environment.


Xpand is the first pair of elastic laces we’ve tried, and the fit does feel slightly different from regular laces. They do have a snug feel which we can still feel after 2 weeks, but you can adjust them if you need to make them a bit looser. We tried both our daily walking and running on a treadmill, and our shoes did stay on without feeling like our feet are slipping out. Elastic no-tie laces also cannot come untied, so there’s no need to worry about that.

Xpand Laces on running shoes

Getting the fit right is important since it takes a bit of time to open and reinstall the laces. You’ll want to try on your elastic laces wearing your usual walking shoes before finishing the installation. It is possible to adjust the fit after final installation, but it requires a bit more work.

We’ve tried no-lace shoes in the past (the kind that don’t have laces at all). Compared to those slipper-like shoes, our regular shoes + Xpand do fit better. No-tie shoes tend to either be very tight (so as not to fall off) or our heels slip out as we walk. The benefit of elastic laces is that you can adjust them to get the fit that you want, and you can loosen or tighten the laces if your feet swell during the day.


Elastic laces like Xpand have a snug, but not tight feeling. The Xpand laces have a much more snug feeling than slippers or laceless shoes, which can sometimes feel either too tight or feel like they’re falling off. Initially, we were worried that our shoes would not be tight enough while jogging or exercising, but after walking and running with Xpand for a week we haven’t had any problems. The fit is somewhat snug due to the elastic laces.

Price & Value

Xpand laces cost $9.99, or 3 for $25 or 6 for $35 on their website. (You can get 2 pairs for only $10 in January using our promo code PACERNY at checkout). Since most people don’t actually replace their shoelaces, that’s an extra $6-$10 depending on how many you purchase. Although in the grand scheme of things it’s not a huge purchase, $10 is still $10. On the other hand, the average price of athletic shoes in the US is around $60, so Xpand is still cheaper than purchasing a new pair of no-lace shoes.

Compared with regular replacement laces, Expand laces are a bit more expensive. A good pair of replacement laces seem to run between $5-7 a pack (or cheaper). $10 does seem in line with other elastic, no tie laces that are publically available.

We actually have two pairs of no-lace shoes that never really fit the way we hoped. It’s a plus being able to use our regular walking or running shoes instead of spending $60 for a separate pair of slip-on shoes.

Final Thoughts:

Xpand laces turn any pair of shoes into slip-ons that still hold up to walking, running and exercise. Your shoes won’t come untied, but where they really shine is making your shoes easy to take on and off. They are pricier than regular laces, but they’re a decent investment for frequently walkers – especially those who experience pain or difficulty getting shoes on and off.

Want to try Xpand?

You can get more info or order on their website, which offers free shipping worldwide on orders of 4 or more pairs of Xpand laces.

Make sure to use the promo code PACERNY to get 2 pairs for $10. That’s 50% OFF!

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About Xpand:

Xpand is the original no-tie elastic shoelace system that converts any pair of shoes, sneakers or boots into slip-ons. Xpand elastic shoelaces anchor on your shoes so that you can easily slip your shoes on and off without having to tie and untie them ever again. You can still run, hike, bike and more in Xpand laces since they’re elastic and help fit your shoes to your feet.

Xpand has been featured and mentioned by influencers such as Ellen DeGeneres, the Today Show, the Toronto Argonauts, the Toronto Maple Leafs, Justin Trudeau, Tory Lanez, Lilly Singh, Eh Bee Family, George Strombo, Donovan Bailey, and Norm Kelly. It got its start from $1.2 million raised on Kickstarter/Indiegogo in 2015. Xpand’s founder, Chuck Harris, came up with the idea after he had contracted the West Nile Virus and his feet would swell throughout the day, making it painful and difficult to tie and untie his shoes. He was determined to invent a solution and hopes that his story can be inspirational to everyone chasing their own dreams.

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