Product Review – Tranya True Wireless Earbuds B530 Pro

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Hello Pacers! Listen while you walk this summer with a new pair of earbuds! In June, we’re reviewing Tranya True Wireless Earbuds, specifically their B530 Pro model. These Bluetooth wireless headphones are light, convenient, and let you walk and listen hands-free while delivering great sound quality. To encourage you to get out and walk this summer, you can get 50% off any earbud model from the Tranya online shop by joining the Pacer app’s Mid-Year Steps Challenge by clicking this link. Listening to music or podcasts helps you walk longer and stay engaged and interested in your walk.

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Tranya Wireless Headphones (B530 Pro)

Tranya wireless earphones & accessories



  • Small, light, convenient Bluetooth headphones
  • Passive noise-canceling, built-in mic, charging case and more
  • Stays securely in-ear while walking
  • Stylish mirrored black finish


  • Secure fit in-ear is reliant on the earbud tips – can be a difficult fit
  • Pairing can be a bit difficult to figure out initially
  • Premium price point


Tranya B530 Pro true wireless earbuds are stylish, light and convenient and deliver great sound quality for your daily walks. You’ll get all the volume you need plus strong bass for your tunes, and the passive noise canceling effect makes it easy to hear your podcasts in noisy outdoor environments. The B530’s fit well, but you’ll need to ensure a good fit using one of the 3 sets of earbud tips provided. The wireless charging case is small and easily fits in your pocket to charge on the go, plus it looks cool too. While the $69.99 price is premium, you can get 50% off by joining our free Pacer Mid-Year challenge. At that price, the Tranya B530 is a great value.

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Initial thoughts

Tranya headphones unboxing

The Tranya B530 looks great out of the box, with a stylish black charging case and black earbuds with the Tranya logo. The earbuds come with a charging case, 2 extra pairs of earbud tips in different sizes and a micro-USB charging cable. The earbuds are charged by twisting them into the case, which supposedly can hold up to 80 hours of charge for the headphones. One to four lights on the case indicates the charge level in the case itself. Once it gets too low, plug the case in via USB and charge it up again. You can charge the earbuds for 10 minutes and you’ll get more than one hour of listening time.

If you’re not familiar with wireless headphones, you’ll want to check out the included manual for how to pair and charge the earbuds. As there’s no band or wire to keep the earbuds attached, you’ll need a secure fit. We had to adjust the earbud tips, but the smallest size fit well and kept the earphones attached. The headphones pair automatically, and you can use some of the headphone functions by pressing or tapping the face of the earbuds.

Walking with Tranya Earbuds

Close up of woman wearing Tranya earbuds

The Tranya B530 Pro earbuds are light, and stayed in the ears easily once we got the right fit with the earbud tips. They stayed in for a few laps around the neighborhood and felt secure. We tried some limited jogging, and the earbuds still stayed in but can sometimes shift if you’re doing intense motion or exercise. The better the fit with the earbud tips, the more active you’d be able to get.

The B530’s advertise passive noise canceling, due to the way the headphones fit into the ear and block sound. We did notice that outside sounds were dramatically diminished when wearing the earbuds. While this isn’t the kind of active noise canceling you’d get from larger over-the-ear headphones, it does make it easier to hear your music or podcasts even if the volume isn’t super high. Outdoor walkers almost certainly would not want to drown out all sounds for safety reasons. Depending on where you’re walking, you may want to only wear one of the earbuds so you can hear cars or other danger sounds approaching. The B530’s allow you to activate one earbud only in mono-mode, which can be useful if you’re walking in a high traffic area.

The B530 Pros are advertised as having limited water resistance – IPX5 waterproof. They should keep out sweat and potentially light rain, but you shouldn’t immerse them in water. We didn’t do extensive testing, but they seem fine under the normal sweat conditions of hot summer walking.

Sound quality

Tranya earbuds and accessories

For a small earbud, the Tranya B530 delivers great sound quality and strong bass for the size. The earbuds deliver a loud sound at high volume with no distortion or cracking. At the same time, we were able to hear even fairly quiet podcasts while walking outside. While bass level may not be the most important factor for walking headphones, it’s great that songs actually sound as intended. You’ll have no problem listening to upbeat music while walking with the B530’s.

Getting the right fit.

Man playing tennis wearing Tranya earbuds

As with any earbuds, getting a solid and tight fit in your ear is key to ensuring they stay on. You’ll want to try all of the earbud tip combinations to get the best fit possible. For people with atypical ears who still want to use earbuds, you can look into 3rd party moldable earbud tips or earbud tips of different sizes for a better fit. You’ll also want to make sure that the earbuds are securely in your ear, as they can easily fall out if they’re only half in.

Price & Value

The Tranya B530 Pro goes for $69.99 at the Tranya store. While that’s certainly a premium price point for earbuds, they do deliver a great sound. Join Pacer’s Mid-Year Steps Challenge and get 50% off, or a pair of B530 Pros for $35. At that price, the earbuds are a great value.

Final Thoughts:

Tranya wireless earphones & accessories

The Tranya B530 Pro is a stylish pair of wireless earbuds that deliver great sound quality and stay secure in your ears. You can walk or jog while listening to music or your favorite podcast in style. They’re light, but have great sound quality to ensure that you hear all of the sounds of your favorite tunes. You will need to ensure that you have a good fit in your ears or else you may have trouble keeping them on your head. The price point is a bit high, but with the 50% discount from our Pacer Tranya challenge, you’ll be getting a great value on the B530 Pro.

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