Product Review: Running Buddy Magnetic Waistbands

Disclosure: We received samples from Running Buddy to review, but this isn’t a sponsored post. Pacer will receive a commission for purchases through the link in the post. This review is our honest opinion of the product, and you should make your own decision about whether to purchase this product.

Hey Pacers! In September, we’re reviewing another product that can help you carry your phone hands-free while walking – Running Buddy waistbands. These magnetic pouches aren’t just for running, but can fit all of your gear to make walking with your phone and other items much easier. Get 15% off almost all of their products by using our special Pacer link (discount is applied at checkout).

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Running Buddy Phone Waistbands

Running buddy pouch details



  • Magnetic design snaps on a belt or waistband for hands-free carrying
  • Holds a lot of stuff – phone, keys, cards and a few more items
  • Mesh and water-resistant pockets to carry different items
  • Low-profile design blends into your outfit or can be hidden under a shirt


  • Magnets can come undone if placed on the hip or if you sit down frequently
  • Large pockets can fit large phones, but may be hard to organize small items
  • If you don’t wear a belt, one side needs to go inside your shorts to fasten


Running Buddy pouches can store a ton of items for your walk or run in a convenient, hands-free pouch. The magnetic closure easily snaps over a belt or it can fit over shorts or pants so that you can easily carry your phone when you walk. Mesh and water-resistant pockets help with sorting items and give you a bit of weather resistance. The magnetic closure can come undone if you try to wear it on your side or sit down frequently, and you’ll need to attach one end inside of your pants if you don’t have a belt. With over a million belts sold and great ratings on Amazon, Running Buddy is a quick and easy way to take your phone with you as you walk – especially if you need some extra room in your walking pouch.

How can I find Running Buddy?

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Initial thoughts

We tested the Running Buddy XL pouch, which can fit the following phone types: iPhone 6, 6S, 6+, 6S+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, X, XR, XS; Samsung Galaxy Note I – V, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8 & S9. The pouch has a bifold design, with one side containing the pockets for your phone and the other side designed to go over a belt or inside your pants or shorts. The two sides contain 2 magnets each, which connect to keep the pouch secure. Our pouch was the all-black model, which blends in well if you’re wearing dark clothes. You can fairly easily snap it over a belt and get to walking.

Wearing a Running Buddy pouch

Women running with running buddy pouches

The pouch is secured by 4 magnets, 2 on each side of the pouch. You’ll need a fairly flat surface so that both sides can connect at the same time. This generally means you’ll want to wear the pouch on the front of your waist, as wearing it on your side may make the magnets come apart. The pouch stays on fairly securely while walking or doing everyday activities. If you do need to sit, frequently, the magnets may come undone depending on how you fasten it.

If you’re wearing pants with a belt, you can simply secure the pouch around your belt and walk. It’s also designed so that one side can go inside the waistband of your shorts or pants and fasten that way. Some people might not want to walk with one side of the pouch inside your shorts or pants, but unless you’re walking with a belt you’ll need to. The magnets are plenty strong to connect through your pants, and the soft design isn’t particularly abrasive so you can still walk that way.

What can you carry?

Running Buddy Pouches

You can actually carry quite a bit in a Running Buddy pouch. You can carry your phone, keys, cards, an energy bar or snack and potentially a few other small items. There are 2 pockets which can help to sort your items to some degree. Keep in mind that larger phone types will need a larger pouch (XL or XXL) and if you have a particularly thick case, you may want to upgrade to the XXL just so that you’ll have maximal room.

As the pouch is secured by magnets and fits over your belt or pants, it stays in place fairly well. If you were to overload it with several heavy items, it may be less comfortable or may slip a bit but for the most part it stays on.

Other options

Running Buddy has a variety of pouches in different sizes – most with a similar style. There’s a Mini version that’s smaller with less of a footprint and less carrying capacity. The standard pouch itself has 3 sizes – The Buddy Pouch, Buddy Pouch XL and Buddy Pouch XXL. For larger phones (iPhone +’s etc) you’ll probably need the XL and if you have a big case you may need the XXL.

Running Buddy also makes a range of other products like RFID blocking tech, water pouches, headphones and more.

Price & Value

The basic Buddy Pouch goes for $19.88, the XL goes for $21.99 and the XXL goes for $24.99. With our special Pacer discount (applied in your cart at checkout), those prices drop to $16.70, $18.70 and $21.23.

That’s a pretty good value for a useful pouch that can carry all of your gear hands-free. That’s in line or cheaper than magnetic pouches you’ll find, but a bit more expensive than standard fanny-pack type belts. When you’re looking at an under $20 item that you can walk with every day, we do think you’re probably better off with a quality item like a Running Buddy pouch.

Final Thoughts:

Women running with running buddy pouches

Running Buddy pouches are a convenient way to carry your phone, keys, cards, snacks or other items with you while you walk or run. Their magnetic closure design is an interesting way to quickly and easily fasten the pouch around your waist, though it does mean that you’ll need to position it correctly and work around your clothing options. You can fit more than just your phone, which makes a Running Buddy XL or XXL a great option if you like to carry a bunch of things with you while you walk. You can also easily cover a Running Buddy pouch with your shirt if you want to make it less obvious you’re carrying your phone. Save 15% on one of these great pouches by clicking our special Pacer discount link.

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About Running Buddy

Running Buddy was designed by Julie Bradfield, a runner and triathlete, to be a lightweight and comfortable pouch that could carry everything you need during a workout. The magnetic design allows it to slip on and be secure hands-free. They’ve shipped over 1 million pouches worldwide.

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