Product Review: hipS-sister Walking Waistbands

Disclosure: We received samples from hipS-sister to review, but this isn’t a sponsored post. Pacer will receive a commission for purchases through the link in the post. This review is our honest opinion of the product, and you should make your own decision about whether to purchase this product.

Hi Pacers! If you’re looking for a hands-free way to carry your phone and personal items during a walk, here’s a review and special offer from hipS-sister phone-carrying waistbands. As a Pacer user, get an amazing 50% off a hipS-sister waistband using promo code PACER50 to carry your phone on your and get your steps in style.

hipS-sister Phone Waistbands

Closeup of pink hipS-sister walking band



  • Carry your phone, keys, and other small items hands-free
  • Stylish design that looks great
  • Hidden pockets keep your valuables discreet and secure
  • Open pocket for quick phone access


  • No adjustable fastener – fit may be a bit snug
  • Designed to carry your phone and other small items
  • Mostly female-centered, though there are unisex options


hipS-sister bands are a stylish, convenient way to carry your phone on your body and get your steps. It’s affordable (especially with our special offer), and can match almost any outfit so you’ll want to wear it. Sizing is important as hipS-sister bands can fit snugly.

How to find hipS-sister?

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Initial thoughts

We tested the basic, Left Coast waistband in both black/pink and black. It’s a stretchy, one-piece circular waistband with 3 pockets to put your stuff in when you walk. There are 2 smaller zippered pockets in the front and back that are good for keys, cards, or a wallet. There’s also a larger pocket for your phone. The waistband comes in a variety of colors to fit your favorite walking outfit.

The fit is a bit snug, which is probably by design since there’s no tie or fastening system. If you’re on the border between sizes, you may want to size up a bit just in case. We tried putting keys, some cards, and our phone and the band fit securely while walking. The band blends in fairly well with leggings or perhaps running shorts as well.

What can you carry?

Both of the zip pockets can fit a normal-sized phone, as well as other small items like keys, a thin wallet or an energy bar. There’s also a front-loading non-zip pocket you can use for very large devices, or if you want to have the top of your phone sticking out for easy access. The zip pockets are great for valuables you don’t want to display obviously and that you want to store securely so they don’t fall out.

You could theoretically use both zip pockets and the top pocket to store many different things, but you’ll have a more comfortable walk if you only take the essentials. The hipS-sister will fit better and be easier to walk with if it’s not stuffed full. That being said, you can fit all of the necessities for a nice walk in the waistband.

Other options

In addition to the standard waistband, there’s a global travel band that’s less colorful and more discreet that’s designed to keep your phone, passport and other valuables more secure when you travel.

>Global travel hipS-sister waistband

hipS-sister also sells a unisex Sport Band that’s larger, with 8-inch pockets (as opposed to 7 inches for the standard version) and another 3-inch front zippered pocket. The front 8″ pocket is water-resistant with an opening to run a headphone cord through.

Unisex sports hipS-sister sport band

How is it worn?

You’ll want to pull the band on over your pants or shorts. Sizing is important since there isn’t a fastener or belt to adjust the size. The hipS-sister band does have somewhat of a snug fit, which helps to keep the band on as you walk. As it goes on over your outer layer, you don’t need a belt or a waistband to attach it to. For colder months, you may want to wear your hipS-sister band under a thicker, warmer layer. You wouldn’t want to pull it over a jacket or thick, puffy pants.

Price & Value

The basic hipS-sister Left Coast band is $19.99, or $14.99 for the all-white version. That’s on the top end of the $10-$20 for a basic fanny-pack style belt, but slightly cheaper than some similar low-profile, stylish bands. If you’re taking frequent long walks, it’s a solid investment for the convenience. Our 50% off offer makes this even a better deal!

The Global Traveler version is $24.99, while the Sport Band is $29.99.

Final Thoughts:

hipS-sister bands are a stylish, convenient way to carry your phone and other valuables with you while you walk. Style isn’t everything, but having something you like to wear helps you carry your phone with you more easily, more often. You need your phone to get your steps counted, and the hipS-sister band is more comfortable than your phone bouncing around in your pocket. Keep your keys, cards and other necessities stored securely and discreetly as well as you walk. The price is reasonable, especially with our 50% discount, so give one a try!

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About hipS-sister

hipS-sister was born from an idea Sonia Kanner, a single mom of 3 beautiful children, had one day while on a hike. She created a solution to a problem she had. She and her friends needed a place to hold their car keys, phones, and accessories. But without pockets, their options were to hold them in their hands, carry them in their purses, or wear a fanny pack. None of those appealed to her. Sonia designed a perfect alternative: the hipS-sister Waistband, which is not only very functional, but also fashionable and flattering.

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