Power-Up Your Walks With These 9 Healthy Snack Ideas

A light, healthy snack can power your walk so that you can walk further and get more steps. While you usually don’t need a pre-walking or post-walking snack, if you do eat a snack you should make sure it complements your walking routine. That usually means light, lower-cal snack options that can power your walks without packing on unnecessary calories.

Knowing what to eat before and during your walks can assist in adding that pep to your step which will help you achieve your daily step goals. Read on for some healthy, low-cal snacks to try both before and during a walking workout.

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Try these before your walk

Man sitting on park bench eating an apple snack
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A light meal or snack is better than a large, heavy meal before a walk. The more you eat, the more it will weigh you down and make you feel tired, which can interrupt your walking plans! Having a light snack consisting of easily-digested carbohydrates is a great idea.

You don’t strictly need to eat before you walk, as it’s a less intense form of exercise. Walking is actually one of the best forms of cardio exercise you can do. It places minimal stress put on bones and joints and doesn’t require a gym membership. Get out and walk outside and you’ll get the added benefits of getting fresh air and some vitamin D along the way. Your snacks should be light, portable (if you’re carrying them with you) and low-cal if possible.

Try experimenting with different meal types and sizes, as everyone’s body reacts differently. Give yourself a bit of time after you eat before walking so your body has some time to digest before exercise!

  • Yogurt with fruit – Look for yogurt without the fruit already mixed in or on the bottom as these tend to have more sugar. Eating very sugary foods can cause your blood sugar to spike, then drop causing you to feel tired very quickly. Dairy can be heavy on the stomach, so don’t eat too much before walking.
Healthy yogurt and fruit for energy
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  • A banana A banana is a great energy source that’s easy to eat on the go. Bananas don’t contain much in the way of protein or healthy fats, but they’re fairly low-calorie compared to a lot of other options. They’re also simple, cheap and packed with vitamins and potassium.
  • One piece of toast with peanut butter – this easy snack can be eaten quickly and is packed with energy.
healthy toast and peanut butter
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  • A small serving of oatmeal – Pre-packaged instant oatmeal is often full of sugar, but you can spice up plain oatmeal with a bit of honey or another sweetener. You may want to use water instead of milk prior to a walk (if you like oatmeal with milk).
Pre-walking snack oatmeal and bananas
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  • Small energy bar – Check the label for calorie and sugar content. Many energy bars are glorified candy bars that aren’t really healthy at all. In a pinch though, you can grab a small one (or even eat half).
Jogger eating an energy bar
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What to Eat During Your Walk

During your walk, you will want to eat as light as possible and stay hydrated. While you’re on your walk, anything heavy or hard to digest can linger in your stomach and cause discomfort. It’s also better to carry something that’s physically small so you won’t need an extra bag! Try these ideas:

  • Water – Make sure to hydrate, especially if you’re snacking while walking! Staying hydrated is very important for the body during exercise as you lose water through sweat and even breathing. Eating can make your mouth dry, and salty snacks can compound the problem. It’s great to drink water while walking anyway, but when snacking you don’t want to be caught without your H20!
Couple drinking water while walkingMan and woman drinking water while walking
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  • Nut mix – A small mixture of a variety of nuts gives you the protein and healthy fat needed to feed the muscles and sustain energy. Some excellent choices are almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and cashews. You can also buy prepared nut or nut and fruit mixtures that are easy to carry and easy to snack on.
healthy fruit and nut mix
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  • Jerky – Beef, pork or chicken jerky can give you a quick boost of energy. It’s not for everyone, but some people simply crave protein! Most jerky contains high amounts of sodium, so this can be an occasional treat. Beware spicy or flavored jerky, which can give you stomach discomfort on a long walk.
  • Fruit – when in doubt, grab an easy carry, easy to eat fruit like an apple or banana. It can give you a burst of energy from healthy carbs. Just make sure there’s an easy place to throw out that messy banana peel or apple core!
Female walkers eating a fruit snack
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  • Powdered peanut butter with a few slices of apple or banana – Power up your fruit snack! Powdered peanut butter doesn’t even have to be mixed with water. It can be put into a sealable sandwich bag with a few slices of fruit. Shake the bag, and the powder will attach to the fruit which makes for an easy to prepare, quick snack on the run, or in this case, walk.

Treat your body to smart, healthier snack options that will help get you past the finish line. Snacking the right way can help tide you over before meals, give you the nutrients you need and fit well into a comprehensive healthier eating plan. Fuel up to get more steps and get more active!

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