Post achievements automatically with Auto Post! New Pacer for iOS Update: 3.8.2.

Hi Pacers! Our new update, “3.8.2” is now live for iOS.* Update now to check out our newest feature – Auto Post! Pacer can now post your badges earned automatically to your Feed. Get more support and encouragement from your followers, automatically! We’ve also fixed some issues and made some minor performance improvements, so update now for the best Pacer experience!

*Note: This article references an earlier update of Pacer. Pacer features have been updated in the interim, and some of these directions may work differently in Pacer’s newest version.

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Introducing Auto Post

When you earn a badge, Pacer will automatically post it to your Pacer Feed! Ever forget to post your badges to your feed? That problem is now solved with Auto Post. It’s easier than ever to show off your achievements and get encouragement from your followers! You’ll also receive posts from Pacers you follow, so you can support them when they earn a new badge!

What do Auto Posts look like?

Auto Posts look just like a normal achievement post, but they happen automatically!

Pacer's autopost badges Feed interface

You’ll get more likes and follows by posting these achievements automatically. Best of all, you’ll have more opportunities to get some great encouragement from the Pacer community. Cheer on your friends by commenting on their badges as well!

How do I adjust my Auto Post Settings?

You can also choose which achievements to post and which you want to view from the Pacers you follow. You can also turn this feature off completely if you wish to.

Start from the Me Tab:

Pacer Me tab Settings highlighted

Go to the “Me” Tab, and click “Settings” (the gear-shaped icon at the top right). You’ll enter the Pacer Settings Page.

Post Settings:

Pacer Settings Post Settings highlighted

Scroll down and click “Post Settings” to enter the Auto Post Settings menu.

Adjust your settings:

Pacer post settings details interface

You’ll see a list of Settings that you can adjust. The top 3 Settings refer to your own Auto Posts. You can choose to Auto Post when you join a Group, join a Challenge and earn a Badge.

The bottom 3 settings refer to posts from Pacers you follow. Adjust these settings to choose which posts from your followers appear in your own Pacer Feed. Leave these settings on so you can like and encourage your friends on Pacer.

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