Pacer for Teams 2021 Year in Review

Happy New Year and best wishes in 2022 from the Pacer for Teams (P4T) Support Team! We wish you, your colleagues, friends, and family members a safe and healthy year ahead.

It’s safe to say that 2021 was the year of the virtual challenge. Continued lockdowns and work-from-home required tools to keep people engaged and active. And active you were.

Pacer for Teams Set a Record

A record number of organizations worldwide took part in Pacer for Teams virtual challenges. We at Pacer Health were thrilled and honored to support every one of them.

  • Total number of P4T organizations: 3,628
  • Total number of P4T participants: 96,919
  • Top challenge types: Total steps, Total distance, Daily step goal
  • Total step challenge step count: 24,855,197,240
  • Total distance challenge distance (kilometers): 3,744,055
  • Total distance challenge distance (miles): 2,326,447
  • P4T distance challenge participants walked to the moon and back 4.8 times!
  • Countries represented: 107 (6 continents and in more than half of all countries on Earth)
  • Top countries: US, UK, China, Canada, India, Australia, Ireland


You Asked, We Listened

P4T challenge admins and participants shared experiences, feedback, and feature suggestions. And for that, we sincerely thank you. The Pacer development team transformed these requests into key product upgrades in 2021:

Challenges – Admin & Participant

  • Completely redesigned challenge creation experience for ease of use.
  • Added Pacer Adventure Challenges. Explore the world in first-to-finish distance challenges.
  • Allow or disallow manually added activities, such as cycling and swimming, in each challenge. Pacer will calculate step and distance values for manually added activities.
  • Add individual, team, or organizational goals for step and distance challenges.


Inviting Participants – Admin & Participant

  • Redesigned invite page interface.
  • Invite org code, link, and QR code all in one place.
  • Admins can download and share an auto-generated participant onboarding guide based on a P4T org’s brand settings.


Teams & Participants – Admin

  • Completely redesigned team and individual management interface.
  • Add multiple teams at the same time.
  • Team names can be 64 characters long.


3rd Party Wearables – Participant

  • Sync Pacer Android with Samsung Health app.
  • Sync Pacer Android and iOS with Fitbit & Garmin apps/devices.


Feed – Admin & Participant

  • Each challenge has a unique post area for messages and photos.
  • Admins can sort and download all feed posts and photos.
More to Come in 2022

That’s a sample of all 2021 P4T upgrades, and we have more great ones on the way in 2022. Contact us with any product or payment questions you have, or when you’re ready to schedule a live demo. We also offer free 2-week trials for up to 20 users now, with no financial commitment. Test and see for yourself!

Many thanks again for supporting us with your interest and enthusiasm. We hope to see you in the Pacer universe soon.

– P4T Support Team

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