“Me” is more “You,” new “Insights” and more! New Pacer for iOS Update: 3.8.0.

Hi Pacers! Our new update, “3.8.0” is now live for iOS*. A mini-update bugfix will be up shortly as well. See below for details! The “Me” tab is now more about you! Me now represents your personal Pacer experience, showing your posts, details, history and more in one place. “Trends” is now “Insights,” making your historical Pacer data easier to sort and view. It’s now easier to find the data and information you want in one place, giving you a better Pacer experience!

4/13 Update: We’re releasing a fix for several issues in the latest update. Issues that will be fixed: Incorrect average step numbers for some users; crashes when swiping pages in the “Insights” tab for some users; inability to see your own Pacer ID in the “Followers” list of other users who follow you. This fix will be released shortly, and will be in the App Store pending Apple’s review process. Please update ASAP to correct these issues. Thanks for bearing with us!

Note: Logging your weight and the “You’re more active than [ ]% of all users” feature are both still available! They’ve moved to “Insights.” Read below for instructions on where and how to find both of these features!

*These features are currently available only for Pacer on iOS. New features for Pacer on Android will be coming in a future update!

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Check out what’s new:

Updated “Me” Page

“Me” has changed! See the difference?

Pacer "Me" page interface with bio


Pacer "Me" page interface highlighted

The top of the “Me” page shows your Pacer bio. Check the users you follow and those who follow you, as well as find your friends on Pacer. You’ll see a history of your Pacer Feed posts, which you can click to review. See how many likes and comments you got and what you’ve posted recently.

Historical Data

Pacer "Me" page historical data highlighted

This section shows a snapshot of your Pacer fitness data.

Steps: The “Steps” tab shows your average and total steps for the last 7 days. Click to jump to the “Insights” page for more detailed analysis.

Runs: The “Runs” tab shows your GPS Tracked Activities. See your total number of activities, distance covered, average pace and longest activity.

Workouts: The “Workouts” tab shows your Pacer workouts completed. See your favorite workout, as well as the number of workouts completed, total time worked out and total calories burned.

Workout Plans:

See your Pacer Daily Training Progam (note: This is a Pacer Premium feature and requires a subscription to Pacer Premium). Click it to jump to your plan.


Pacer "Me" page groups highlighted

Groups: See the Pacer Groups you’re part of!

Check-ins: Shows your total number of check-ins. Click to jump to the “Check-ins” page and manage your check-ins.

Challenges and Badges: See the total number of badges you’ve earned, as well as the challenges you’ve completed each month.

Activity and Log History:

See your history of GPS Tracked Activities and Pacer Workouts.

Where is the Benchmark feature? (You’re More Active Than [ ]% of Pacer Users)

The Benchmark feature is still here, but it’s moved! Don’t worry, if you’re looking for how your steps compare to the rest of the Pacer community, you can still view it as a free feature!

Pacer "Insights" page benchmarks highlighted

Benchmark has moved to “Insights.” There are 2 ways to get there. First, click “Insights” at the bottom of your screen. Then swipe right to the tab called “Insights.” Alternatively, you can go to your “Me” page and click the data section that shows “Steps.” This will also jump you to the “Insights” page as if you clicked insights on the bottom of the screen. Swipe right to get to Insights and check your percentages!

You’ll also see useful personal records here like your lifetime total steps in Pacer, your average day and more!

Pacer Premium subscribers are able to view more detailed personal records, data and averages. Use these premium features by clicking any of the data sections in the Insights tab. Don’t worry, Pacer Standard (Free) users can still view the basic data on this main page (including the “more active than [ ]% of Pacers” info) without a Pacer Premium subscription.

If you’re a free user and click a graph by accident, you’ll see a prompt explaining it’s a Premium feature. You can easily go back by clicking the back button (the “<” button at the top left of your screen).

New “Insights” Page (Formerly Trends)

Pacer home screen "Insights" tab highlighted

Our old “Trends” tab has now become “Insights!” Now, instead of having 2 separate interfaces for 7 days and 30+ days, they’re together in one handy tab.

Pacer insights main screen

Simply tap the time period you want to check at the top of the graph to change the graph shown. No need to turn the screen to access additional features!

Where can I log my weight (or blood pressure)?

To log your weight (or blood pressure), go to the Insights page swipe left until you reach the “Weight”  (or blood pressure) tab in Insights. By default, Weight is the second tab after “Steps,” which means swiping left 1 time.

Pacer insights tab weight logging page

Click the “+Add” button at the bottom of the screen, input your weight, date and time (plus a comment if you want) and click “Save” to input your weight. Blood pressure works the same way in its own tab.

Pacer log weight interface

If you want to view weight first instead of steps when you go to the Insights page, read below for how to organize your graphs to display this data first!

Changing the Order of Your Data Graphs

You can now also adjust the order and type of graphs that display. Click the button at the top right to enter the Organize Graphs page.

Pacer insights tab organize graphs interface

“Favorites” are the default graphs shown in a full screen when you enter the “Insights” page. “Others” appear stacked together on the last tab in the main “Insights” page.

Choose the graphs that you check most frequently in Favorites for easier viewing. You can also order these graphs so the most important ones to you appear first when you go to the tab. Stats that aren’t important to you or that you don’t check often can go in “Others.” Don’t worry, that data is still in Pacer and you can view it at any time!

If you frequently log your weight or blood pressure, it’s much easier to do if you keep those tabs in “Favorites.” We recommend keeping weight and blood pressure in “Favorites” as opposed to “Others,” unless you log that data infrequently or don’t log it at all. It’s up to you, but why not make it easier to log when you want to!

Once you’ve personalized your graph and data order, use Insights to track your Pacer data!

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2 thoughts on ““Me” is more “You,” new “Insights” and more! New Pacer for iOS Update: 3.8.0.

  1. i just updated to 3.8.0. The Average reported for each time range is now incorrect. For example, my 7 day total is 84,386 steps. However, it is reporting the Average as 7671 (which is incorrect). Similarly the other averages are wrong as well.

    1. Hi Gary. Thanks for the feedback. We’ve identified this issue and created a mini-update that fixes this problem. We’ve already submitted this fix, and is pending the App Store approval process. Check the App Store periodically, and when you see a Pacer Update, update to the latest version to correct this.

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