Manually add steps and add/delete activities in Pacer – a guide for iOS and Android

Hey Pacers! Did you know that you can manually add steps into Pacer? We realize that you may not always be able to bring your phone with you, but you can manually add your steps into your Pacer app so you can keep up your own records of walking and other activities. It’s also easy to delete manually added steps if you’ve made a mistake or entered them in error. You can also include calories burned, distance and time.

Here’s how to manually add steps, or delete manually added steps you’ve already done for both Android and iOS.

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Limitations of manually added steps

Please note that manually added steps do not count towards group activities or Pacer challenges for fairness reasons. You can still compete in challenges and manually add steps, but the manual steps do not count towards your challenge total. This is a common reason why your personal steps and challenge steps may not match.

If you are a Pacer for Teams user, your team administrator can allow or disallow manually added steps for all users. Please contact your admin if you feel that manually added steps should count. Do note that your admin can see the number of manually added steps for each user, so they will know that you’ve manually added steps (and how many you’ve added).

How to manually add steps in Pacer

1.  From home screen, scroll down and tap “Activity”

Pacer app home screen interface

Start at Pacer’s main home screen. Scroll down on the screen (press and hold and swipe up). You’ll see a menu called “Log My Health Data” right under your walking time graph. Tap the “Activity” button – you can identify it with a green shoe icon. See the screenshot below.

Pacer app home page activity icon

2. Choose your activity type

Pacer manually added steps activity types

Choose the type of activity that you want to add. The speeds or intensity settings are mainly used to automatically estimate the number of calories that you burned during the activity. You can always manually overwrite this, so it’s not critically important to choose between walking speeds.

For activities like swimming or sports, you can add steps if you want (either using a calculator to calculate equivalent steps or just guessing). You can also simply add the time for an estimate of your calories burned.

3. Add in your manually added information

Pacer manually added steps interface

You can set the duration of your activity, which will prompt Pacer to automatically estimate your calories burned. You can then enter steps and distance manually. You can also manually change the calorie estimate if you want to as well. Finally, adjust the date and time so that your steps will appear at the right day and at the right time of day (on your time chart on the home page). You can also leave a comment as a personal reminder. When you’re done, tap Save.

4. Return to the home screen

Pacer home interface steps adjusted

Return to the home screen and you’ll see your steps have been manually added. If you added steps on a different day, you’ll have to look back at that day’s steps to see the update.

How to delete manually added steps in Pacer

If you’ve accidentally manually added steps or need to delete an old activity, here’s how to do it!

1.  From the home screen, tap “Activity” and then “History” at the top right

Pacer manually added steps activity types

To delete steps, you’ll need to find your activity history. First, tap Activity on the home screen (see adding steps for where to find this button). From the “Input Exercise” page, you’ll see “History” at the top right. Tap History to reach your activity history.

2. Swipe left on the activity you want to delete, then tap Delete

Pacer app delete manually added steps interface

Find the manually added steps (or other activity) that you want to delete. You may need to scroll down if you have many activities. Swipe left on the specific activity to be deleted and a red “Delete” button will appear on the right side of your screen. Tap “Delete” and a confirmation button will appear at the bottom of the screen to ensure you really do want to delete that activity.

3. Click “Delete” to confirm deletion

Pacer app delete activity confirmation button

Tap this new “Delete” button and your activity will be deleted. Please make sure you want to delete your records before proceeding, as deleted records are gone permanently and cannot be recovered.

4. Return to the home screen

When you return to the home screen, you’ll see your previously manually added steps are gone. If your steps were added on a different day, you’d have to look back at that day to see the difference.

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  1. Would you please be more specific regarding the instructions to manually add steps. When following the instruction indicated below, nothing happens for me when I swipe in an attempt to get to the Log my Activity page. Is there a way you can highlight exactly where to press for each step? Thank you.

    “Start at Pacer’s main home screen. Scroll down on the screen (press and hold and swipe up). You’ll see a menu called “Log My Health Data” right under your walking time graph”

    1. You essentially need to start on the main Pacer screen and go “down.” You will see a shoe icon that says “Activity” on the next row down. I hope that helps!

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