Look back at a past day’s steps AND view your goal progress: A Pacer guide for iOS

Did you know that you can “look back” at steps from any previous day? You may not have noticed, but our iOS “look back” feature is even better! You can now look back at a previous day’s steps AND view your progress towards your step goals at the same time! It’s easier than every to identify great (and not so great) walking days and check those days to see what happened.

Note: The Look Back calendar feature is only available on iOS at this time. We may add this functionality to Android at a future date.

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“Look Back” at a previous day’s steps:

1. Click the “Calendar” icon at the top of the main Pacer interface.

look-back-1 (1)-min

Click the “Calendar” icon at the top of the main Pacer interface. By default, it will show today’s date, but you can actually change this to look back at a previous day. After you click this icon, a calendar display with step goal completion graphics will appear.

2. Check the days you hit your goals, and how close you came!

Our new calendar interface shows you which days you hit your step goal, and how close you came on the days you didn’t get there.


Days you hit your goal are represented by a filled-in blue circle around the date.

Days where you didn’t quite make it display a partially filled circle representing how close you came. The closer you got to your goal, the more complete the circle will be.

3. Click on the arrow to see a different month


You can click the “back” arrow to view your step goal completion for past months. Below, you can see the calendar and month has changed.


4. Click a specific date to view steps for that day


To view your steps on any particular day, click that date on the calendar. You’ll be taken back to the main Pacer interface, but you’ll notice your steps have changed! Pacer is now showing you your steps on the day you clicked – you can see the date has changed in the interface.

5. Easily jump back to the current day

Pacer's Look Back + Goal progress feature

To get back to today’s steps, simply click on any of the other Pacer pages (Me, Insights, Feed or Explore) and then return to the main step counting screen. You’ll see the date has reverted back to today’s date. Alternatively, simply close and reopen the Pacer app and you’ll get back to today’s date.

What is this feature useful for?

Checking your progress this month:

You can use this feature to see how often you hit your step goal this month. It’s an easy way to look for patterns in your walking. Do you seem to miss your goal on weekends, or certain days during the week? Are you more consistent this month than last month? “Look Back” is an easy way to check.

How is this different from “Insights?”

Insights is designed to track your progress over time. You can see how you’ve done over the past 7 days, 30 days or longer. “Look Back” is designed to check one specific day. The calendar function gives you a different view of your month’s data which can help you spot patterns or identify specific days to look at more closely. Look Back also allows you to see your time chart for specific days. See when you walked, not just how many steps you got!

Viewing your past great (or not so great) step days

How many steps did you get on Thanksgiving last year? What about your birthday, or last Sunday? You can look back and check if you’re curious to see how you did. If you had a personal record day with a ton of steps, you can view it and take a screenshot as a motivational tool or to send to friends.

Looking back in this way also lets you look at the walking time of day graph at the bottom of the screen to see when during the day you were most active. This can be a great tool to see where things went wrong on days that you missed your step goal.

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