iOS voice changed? Here’s how to fix it!

Hi Pacers! If you’re on iOS and you’ve recently updated to iOS 12, your default Pacer voice may have changed from female to male. If this happened to you, the reason is likely due to the iOS system update. Here’s what happened and how to fix it so you can get back to walking!

If your voice in Pacer has changed unexpectedly, your iPhone likely changed its default voice during the system update. We can’t control iOS updates and we’re not sure why this happened, but we can help you fix it!

Here’s how to change your default voice back!

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1. Go to your iPhone’s Settings (iPhone, not Pacer!)

2. Click “General”

Voice 1

3. Click “Accessibility:

Voice 2

4. Click “Speech”

Voice 3

5. Click “Voices”

Voice 4

6. Click your current voice:

Click on the name next to “English” (or your native language). If your voice has changed to Male, you will probably see “Fred” here. We’ll be changing this from Fred to another voice of your choice!

Voice 5

7. Choose a new voice:

If you’re looking for an English female voice (US), you will probably want to choose “Samantha, or you can use the default Siri voice. You can click any of these voice options to see what they sound like. There are special English voices for UK, Ireland, Australia and South Africa. Other languages have a range of voices as well. Click the voice you want, make sure it’s checked, then go back and you’re done!

Voice 6.png

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