Get a healthier and happier office by running a step challenge

Healthier employees are happier employees and getting your office active can benefit your employees in more ways than one. Strong employee groups are often a result of engagement in group activities of the places they work. Henry Ford said that “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Step challenges do exactly this…getting people in organizations moving forward, together.

Step challenges are a great way to build an active office. It also helps employees stay moving, which can increase creativity and energy. You’ll encourage face-to-face collaboration and you’ll have happier, healthier employees!

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A Load Off

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57,500 pounds lost…that’s the number of pounds lost by 32,000 Kroger employees during a 2012 step challenge program as reported by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Theresa Monti, the company’s vice president of corporate benefits, said that “We will be tracking our success across the organization” because of results like this.

Attracting and Keeping Great Employees

Harvard Business Review has reported that high achievers often leave their employers after an average of 28 months. Health and wellness efforts by an organization impact productivity, recruiting and retaining these top achievers. The publication Benefits Quarterly notes that “employees are eight times more likely to be engaged when wellness is a workplace priority.”

Activity challenges are also fun and engaging for your employees. By encouraging your team members to walk together, you’ll help strengthen teams within your organization as your employees get healthier.

Success Steps

A successful step challenge needs to be fun, rewarding, and measurable. If your employees are having fun and feel the challenge is rewarding, they’ll be more active and engaged. Measurable results motivate your employees and ensure that they actually get more active. Communicating these things over the length of the challenge is key according to the SHRM.

Measure the Fun

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Accurate activity tracking is important for team engagement. Tracking distances traveled, steps taken, and calories burned help team members see, reach, and surpass goals. And, reporting these successes helps to encourage others on the team to meet and beat their own goals too.

Communicate the Fun!

Tracking steps alone is not enough. In fact, SHRM notes that failure often is the result of a “lack of promotion and excitement”. Providing a real-time leaderboard that users can check helps users see how they’re doing. By organizing employees into teams or groups, they can motivate each other and create a fun atmosphere where team members work together to get more active. With Pacer for Teams, your employees can check the leaderboard through the Pacer app on their own phones.

Get Your Office Active with Pacer for Teams!

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Pacer for Teams is a powerful, yet simple, step challenge and wellness platform. It’s easy for employees to join, and counts steps through the Pacer app you already use. Pacer for Teams makes it simple for Admins by putting all of the data they need in a user-friendly web interface. Best yet, you can count steps with no wearables required through the Pacer app on your users’ phones. Create a Team for free in under 5 minutes at

More to Come

Check our blog regularly for more information about running a successful employee step challenge. We’ll offer tips, useful info, and case-studies from real Pacer for Teams client companies. Get your office moving, active and having fun today!

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