How to Convert Activity to Steps in a Step Challenge?

Recording your steps is important when you track your daily activity levels. It is also the key measurement when taking part in a step challenge. However, what should you do if you forget to take your tracking devices with you or complete a workout that the device doesn’t recognize? 

Here is a step conversion chart for you to convert activity to steps. You can use the estimated steps in your challenge if the challenge rules accept your manually recorded data.

Step Conversion Chart

To convert your activity time from minutes to steps, simply multiply the number of minutes you have in the activity by the number of steps indicated in the chart below.

*All conversions are estimates.

Activity TypeSteps/minute
Badminton (casual)162
Badminton (competitive)181
Bicycling (general)186
Bicycling (vigorous)214
Boxing (non-competitive)162
Boxing (competitive)248
Climbing (rock/mountain)190
Golf (carrying clubs)148
Golf (powered cart)119
Grocery Shopping62
Horseback Riding162
Ice Skating181
Jogging (general)190
Jumping Rope (slow pace)200
Jumping Rope (moderate pace)238
Jumping Rope (fast pace)243
Kick Boxing219
Mowing Lawn162
Punching Bag162
Running (general)224
Running (vigorous)286
Soccer (casual)181
Soccer (competitive)214
Sports (general)181
Sports (vigorous)238
Stair Climbing (slow pace)143
Stair Climbing (fast pace)190
Stair Climbing (machine)200
Swimming (general)167
Swimming (vigorous)229
Table Tennis143
Tae Kwon Do219
Volleyball (non-competitive)95
Volleyball (competitive)167
Walking (leisurely)81
Walking (brisk)129
Walking (very brisk)167
Washing a Car48
Water Aerobics162
Weight Lifting167

Convert Activity to Steps on the Pacer app

Pacer is a step challenge app for individuals and groups. Pacer automatically tracks your steps 24/7 and also integrates with the most popular wearables & providers. Aside from activities recorded and synced by smartphones or wearables, you can manually record step-based and non-step-based activities to your Pacer account. This also helps if you forgot a recording device but know your activity type and time duration.

When you manually log your activity data on the Pacer app, Pacer will automatically calculate the converted data based on your activity type and time. You can use the suggested value directly or adjust it to the value you expect. Logged steps will be reflected in your step challenge if it accepts manually input data.

Step Converter on Pacer

Select Custom if you cannot find your activity type on the app, use the step conversion chart above to calculate the estimated steps and log them.

Custom Activity Type

Best Practices of Step Converter

Here are some ideas on how to use the step converter best to avoid duplicate counting, overcounting, and other issues. Following these tips to keep people on a level playing field during a corporate step challenge.

  • Stick with one single data source during each workout

When you wear a tracking device, accurate step counts can be obtained from several activities, including aerobics, running, jogging, walking, and hiking. Do not manually log your activity using the converter while wearing a tracking device, your data will be counted twice, which will mess up your actual step count.

  • Pay attention to your workout duration

The converter is based on the activity type and duration. For example, if you are swimming, choose the activity type and input the time you are in the pool, not the entire day. Similarly, if you’re in a climbing gym, only log the time you spend on the wall.

  • Conversions are estimates

The conversions are estimated and should be used as a guide only. The conversion accuracy depends on many factors including the activity and the individual.

No need to worry about losing steps in your step challenge, get moving and know that Pacer for Teams is here to support you!

Create a fun step challenge for your company and inspire everyone to become more active!

Download our step conversion chart in .pdf version.

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