Backing up your Pacer data – an Android Guide!

If you’ve tracked your step data on Pacer for weeks, months or even years, you know how great it is to see your progress since you started actively walking. Back up your Pacer data so that if you upgrade (or lose!) your phone, or if you have to delete your Pacer App, you can easily restore your data and get back to walking.

Pacer generally stores your data on your device. This means if you change or lose access to your phone, you can lose access to your Pacer data! You may also have to temporary delete your Pacer App, which can also cause data loss. Fortunately, you can back up your step data for free, quickly and easily.

For Android users like you, it’s even more important to back up your data. There are fewer automatic restore methods and more ways to accidentally (or intentionally) delete your data. Make sure to back up, just in case!

*Note, this is a guide for Android devices. If you’re on iOS, check out this guide for more details.

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**If you need to delete Pacer, we recommend you backup your data EVERY TIME! This is the only way to ensure that no data is lost. If you delete without backing up, your data could be lost!

Back up your Pacer data!

1. Go to Me -> Settings


Go to the “Me” tab, then click the “Settings” button. It’s the vertical “…” icon at the top right, highlighted below.


You can find many Pacer settings that you can adjust in this menu!

2. Find and Click “Backup & Restore”


In “Settings,” you can do many things including changing units (km/miles), adjusting workout settings and more!


Find “Backup & Restore” on the bottom half of the menu. You may have to scroll down on your screen to find it.

3. Click “Backup”


Click the “Backup” button to backup your data! You can see the last time you backed up your data below this.


4. Restore your data (if necessary!)


If you successfully backed up your data, but you’ve upgraded your phone or your data was lost, here’s how you can recover it! Note – make sure that you’ve actually backed up your data before you restore!

Use the same steps as before, but instead of clicking “Backup,” click “Data Restore.” You’ll be reminded that backing up your data will overwrite previous data on your device. Continue and your data will be restored to the pre-backup state!

Overwriting is generally only an issue if you deleted Pacer or upgraded your phone, then logged into Pacer with a new account. Or, if you were logged in with someone else’s Pacer ID. In these cases, Pacer would overwrite your Phone’s backed up data with your own and some non-backed up steps could be lost. If you haven’t backed up your data recently and try to restore your data anyway, you could lose some of the data accumulated after you backed up.

For best results, back up regularly and only restore when necessary. If you have to delete Pacer, back up first EVERY TIME!

Get Pacer

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  1. I see ios offers an option : Export Data
    How do I export me Pacer data on Android so I can see the data in other apps too?

    1. Hi An. Android Pacer doesn’t have the export function yet. We’re working to port over some additional functions to Android, and we’ll let you know if we’re able to bring this to Android in the near future. Thanks for using our app.

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