5 Ways Indoor Walking Can Get You More Steps (even on a rainy day!)

Indoor walking isn’t just for rainy days! When the temperature rises (or drops) outside, getting your steps indoors can keep you active while staying out of the weather and staying and cool (or warm). Some people find in-home walking (like pacing their living room) boring, but indoor walking doesn’t have to be!

We’ll cover how to get more steps in 4 indoor walking situations, plus an extra tip on keeping your interest during indoor walking. Add some excitement to your indoor walking with these tips!

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At Lunch, Walk the Hallways at the Office

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Even if you work at a desk job, you can get more steps than you think during your time at work. Use your lunch break (or any breaks you take at work) to boost your step count by walking hallways or stairs. Get creative and find an area of the building where you won’t be disruptive and that’s also long enough so that you don’t have to constantly stop and turn around. The walking will give you a chance to have a change of scenery from your normal desk, and moving around also might get you some valuable face-to-face time with your work colleagues.

Walking up and down stairs is a great alternative if you don’t have a ton of hallway space. Studies have shown that 10 minutes of moderate stair walking was as energizing as half a cup of coffee! Stair walking is a bit more intense, however, so ease into it slowly.

Moving for even a minute or two every hour can bring dramatic health benefits, so make sure to stay active and not sit too long. Walking boosts your mood, energy and creativity so a five minute walk may be just what you need during a tough day!

Walk With a Friend at a Shopping Mall

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Shopping malls offer long, open hallways where you can do some brisk walking and see some interesting sights. Early morning can be a great time to walk at your local shopping mall. Often the mall will be unlocked before the stores open, and the icy air conditioning will already be running to keep you comfortable. Bringing a friend along can keep things fresh and interesting, and give you something to do other than shopping. It helps both for accountability and so that you have someone to comment with to while you window shop. Your friend can help resist the temptation to buy things you weren’t planning on.

Malls also give you the opportunities to walk up and down steps to add some intensity to your walking routine. During regular hours when the mall is busier, you might not be able to walk as fast as you could on an outdoor walking track. On the other hand, there’s more to do in a mall and you can always find somewhere to sit down, take a break, and continue walking.

Walk the Whole Grocery Store When Grocery Shopping

Steps while browsing supermarket
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Instead of making a quick dash at the supermarket, do a little wandering and get some steps instead. Walking the whole store is a nice way to add a few steps to your day while still finishing an important errand in your day. When you walk all the aisles, you’ll see more of the sale items and items that might be a cheaper substitute for what you originally picked up. This could save you money, give you future recipe or food ideas and can be a fun way to find out about new products at the store.

On the other hand, spending a long time in the supermarket raises the chances that you’ll make some impulse buys or give in and purchase some foods that you know are unhealthy. Consider adding in a few choices to your grocery list, then stopping to check each option before making your final decision. Whatever gets you moving and keeps you healthy can work!

Get Your Walking Done on Weekends at Museums

Walking while enjoying a museum
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Yearly membership passes at your local museum are often available at an affordable price. Many museums also offer free or reduced-price admission on certain days of the week. Take the opportunity to do some indoor walking while examining art or cultural items. There will usually be plenty of open hallways to walk in and interesting sights to see. Even an art museum that you’ve seen many times will still hold new exhibits from time to time, and you might discover new insights into pieces of art that you haven’t noticed before. The more you explore a museum, the better you’ll get to know each exhibit with its quirks and unique features. You can also take the time to analyze and learn more about your favorite works.

Walk While Listening to Audiobooks or Podcasts

Walking while listening to audiobooks
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If you’re walking solo, a great way to keep yourself company on your walk is listening to an audiobook or podcast. Audiobooks let you “read” your favorite book while getting your steps in. If you’re walking in the mall, for instance, you can get engrossed in a mystery and sometimes barely notice when a long walk has flown by. Your audiobook also gives you something to do to take your mind off of distractions that may be present in your walking location.

Podcasts are another great option, especially for shorter walks. They’re free and you can find podcasts on almost any topic you can think of. Try to match the length of your walk with a podcast of a similar length, or consider increasing the playback speed so that your podcast finishes when you’re done walking.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let the weather or your location stop you from hitting your step goals. With these locations, times, and tips, your indoor walking will be more interesting and will keep you motivated to reach your step goals and get more active!

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