Custom Challenges and New Features – Pacer for Teams has been upgraded!

We’ve improved our Pacer for Teams organizational step challenge platform with new ways to view data and new ways to get your company moving! As organizational fitness challenges continue to increase in popularity, Pacer for Teams is getting even better!

Pacer for Teams logo and banner

The Pacer for Teams Enterprise Edition is even more powerful, and Pacer for Teams’ Android, iOS, and web-based Admin Platform have all received upgrades. After you check out the details of our upgrades below, visit to register a team for free or contact us at for a free 1-week trial of our upgraded Enterprise plan to take advantage of all of these features for your organization.

Don’t have Pacer yet? Download Pacer for free! (on mobile)

For Admins: Pacer for Teams Admin Portal Upgrades

The Pacer for Teams Enterprise Admin portal has received 2 major upgrades: you can create Custom Challenges and you can designate challenges either Open or Closed.  

In addition, we’ve reorganized and optimized the Admin dashboard.

Pacer for Teams administrator portal

Custom Challenges

New Custom Challenges allows admins to create customized challenges for any time period you choose. Want to do a 1-week challenge? Now you can create one. Need to hold two challenges at the same time? You can do that too.

Pacer for Teams new custom challenges

Custom Challenges include descriptive content fields that allow you to better explain the challenge to your participants. You can write a description, set challenge rules and specify rewards for the winners, should you wish to include them.

Admins can now also set the maximum number of eligible steps per day each participant can earn. This helps keep your challenges fair, rewards consistent walking, and helps to deter and prevent cheating or problematic extreme walking.

Pacer for Teams custom challenge creation details

You can find the Custom Challenge creation button above the Groups section in the Admin menu bar. You’ll find it on the left side of the screen

Challenge Types

Initially, you’ll be able to create Custom Total Step Challenges. We’ll be releasing additional challenge types based on different fitness metrics in future updates. If you have suggestions or need a particular custom challenge type, please contact us so we can learn about your needs.

Open/Closed Challenges

You can now set challenges as Open (allowing new members to join) or Closed (no new members can join). In the Settings menu, you will see a new on/off toggle switch for opening/closing a challenge. This feature gives you the option to allow or prevent new users from joining a challenge at any time, essentially creating participation cutoff periods.

open and closed Pacer for Teams challenges

Allowing new users is set to “On” by default, meaning new users can join the challenge if they manually enter your Team’s Org Key through their Pacer App. You can click to set the button to the Off position at any time to prevent additional users from joining. This will prevent latecomers from jumping into the challenge once it’s underway.

For Users: Pacer Android/iOS App Upgrades

The Teams portal on your individual Pacer app now gives you access to new data and features. When you join or access a Team in the Pacer for Teams portal, you will now see 2 pages: Challenges & Data Center. Find the Teams Portal by going to Explore -> My Team (in the top right).


The Challenges page displays current, future and past Pacer for Teams Custom Challenges you have joined. Teams users can view current challenge progress, join any challenges that are currently open, and well as view both upcoming challenges and past challenge results.

Custom Challenge Main Page

Pacer for Teams app challenge interface

Custom Challenge Details

Pacer for Teams app challenge detail interface

Custom Challenge Leaderboard

Pacer for Teams app challenge leaderboard

Data Center

The Data Center page consolidates the Individual and Group leaderboards into one page. Users can now choose the Individual or Group leaderboard from a dropdown menu, and also select Today/Yesterday/This Month’s steps just as before.  

Individual Leaderboard

Pacer for Teams app individual leaderboard

Group Leaderboard

Pacer for Teams app group leaderboard

Date Filters

Pacer for Teams app data filters

We at Pacer Health are dedicated to making all Pacer products better and easier to use for all of our Pacer users. If you have any questions about the new updates, please contact us at For any technical issues with the Pacer app, your users can email to contact our Pacer support team.

Happy Stepping!

If you haven’t downloaded the Pacer app yet, download Pacer now for free (on mobile)! You can also check out our website (mobile or desktop) or follow our blog for more great walking and healthy lifestyle tips.

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