Indoor Walking: Get Your Steps in Any Weather

Walking is a great way to stay fit and get outdoors, but the reality is that weather can often get in the way of enjoying nature while you walk. It can be hard to get your steps in when winter brings endless days of snow and freezing temperatures, thunderstorms rage all day, or a summer heatwave makes outdoor exercise dangerous.

Fortunately, there are many places to walk indoors that can be just as enjoyable as outdoor walking. With a little creativity and an open mind, you can find opportunities beyond the mall to get your steps in no matter the weather.

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General Indoor Walking Tips

  • Be respectful of your environment. Don’t block people’s view at a museum or interrupt the checkout line at a store. If you can’t walk easily because of crowds, you might need to find a different indoor walking spot.
  • Time your walks to avoid busy periods at your chosen location. A weekend afternoon is probably not the best time to walk at a museum or store.
  • Use audio entertainment to spice up any location. A great podcast, audiobook, or music playlist can make any indoor walk an exciting journey. It might also help you stay focused and reach your step goals.
  • If you walk at a store or market, especially if it’s a local or smaller store or boutique, it’s considerate to buy at least one thing when you’ve finished your workout. A larger, big-box store has enough space for many people to walk, but you can save time by working in errands along with your walking.


Woman checking paintings in art museum

Visiting a museum for your indoor walking exercise means you can enjoy some culture and sights while walking. You can choose your walking environment — you might prefer to walk at a modern art museum or indulge your inner science buff with some natural history. An aquarium could be a peaceful indoor walking option.

Keep in mind that popular museums can get quite crowded on weekends and holidays, so plan your visit at a quieter time. Make sure you choose a museum that’s big enough to provide an interesting walk, and always respect the other visitors while walking — don’t block anyone’s view or interrupt a tour. Many museums have free or discounted days which can save you some money for your walks!

Big Box Stores

Woman walking in supermarket

Your local Walmart or Target might be the perfect indoor walking space. With wide aisles and lots of space, you should have plenty of room to walk. Walking in a big box store can get a bit repetitive, so it can help to come up with some creative challenges to keep yourself entertained during your workout. Try looking for the most expensive item in each section as you pass, or imagine how you’d use an odd combination of items. Podcasts are also a great way to stay engaged while walking in a store.

Just like a museum, these kinds of stores can be packed at popular shopping times, and that could impact your walk. Try to visit on a weekday morning when stores are less crowded.

As a bonus, you can do your shopping when you’ve got your steps in!

Indoor or Covered Farmers Markets

Woman buying vegetables at farmer's market

With the rise in popularity of farmers markets, many cities feature an indoor or partially covered market. This option offers the best of both worlds: you’ll be indoors (or at least somewhat protected from the elements), but surrounded by fresh produce and lovely flowers. You might get to taste some samples along the way, and you can go home with fresh vegetables for a healthy dinner.

Community Spaces

Public library indoor open space concept

With a little research, you may be able to find facilities in your area that admit the public for activities like walking. Colleges, schools, rec centers, and other organizations might have the perfect setting for an indoor walk. Though you may have to put in a little more work to find these places, they are likely to be less crowded than more public settings like malls and museums. You might also discover new places in your community while looking for a spot to walk.

Uphill Journeys

Beautiful museum staircase for indoor walking

If you want to add a bit more challenge to your indoor walks, find a location with plenty of stairs. Some museums have lots of steps to climb, and many large movie theaters have multiple staircases (though you might have to buy a ticket). Office buildings and malls are also some great places to find stairs for an intensive, incline-filled walk.

Final Thoughts

Man walking indoors in a museum

These are just a few of the places you could choose for indoor walking. If you still need ideas, think about where you and your friends like to spend time when the weather’s bad. Wherever that happens to be, there’s probably a way to use that space for walking. If your kids play indoor sports in the winter, you might be able to get a good walk in around their tennis court or indoor soccer field while watching them play. Your city might have a historic train station that could be an interesting place for a walk.

Once you start looking at the possibilities for indoor walking spots, you’ll realize that bad weather doesn’t have to stop you from getting your steps in. An air-conditioned store on a hot day or an interesting museum on a rainy one can make your indoor walk as enjoyable as your outdoor walking workouts!

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