7 Quick & Easy High-Protein Breakfast Recipes

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A good breakfast can really make a massive difference to your day. Starting off the morning with something nutritious, delicious and high in protein will give you all the energy you need to tackle your to-do list and will help keep you feeling full until lunch. Adding a sachet of protein powder is a quick and convenient way to give your breakfast a little extra ‘oomph’! To get your creative juices flowing, here are 7 awesome recipes that’ll take no more than 15 minutes to make. There’s something to suit everyone’s tastes; whether you’re after an indulgent weekend brunch or a speedy post-workout smoothie!

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Chocolate Mint Smoothie

chocolate mint smoothie

If you like a thick and creamy smoothie, this chocolate mint shake is the one for you! Made with frozen banana, avocado, and chocolate whey protein, it’s a slightly more nutritious way to enjoy these classically indulgent flavors…

Find the recipe, here.

Ultimate Chocolate Oats

ultimate chocolate oats

Protein powder is most often used in post-workout shakes, but it is so much more versatile than that. Here, it’s used it to bump up the protein content (and taste!) of your morning bowl of oats…

Find the recipe, here.

Blueberry Breakfast Muffins

Blueberry breakfast muffins

What is it about those blueberry muffins at the counter of coffee shops that always look so tempting? For a slightly more balanced start to the day, here’s a high-protein, lower sugar version to enjoy smugly with your morning cup of coffee…

 Find the recipe, here. 

Cherry and Pecan Granola

cherry pecan smoothie bowl

If you’re someone who often eats breakfast at your desk, making a big batch of granola on a Sunday is a great way to always make sure you always have something fuss-free waiting for you. We love it paired with our favorite yogurt and a handful of berries…

Find the recipe, here.

Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

raspberry high protein smoothie bowl

Some may disagree, but we’re of the opinion that smoothie bowls aren’t just for summer. If you also love a frozen bowl no matter how cold it is outside, check out this great fruity frozen treat…

Find the recipe, here.

Chocolate & Hazelnut Pancake Stack

chocolate hazelnut protein pancake stack

This nutty chocolate pancake stack is gluten-free, lower in sugar and is packed full of protein too. It might taste like a popular chocolate spread, but it’s far more nutritious – and also happens to be vegan-friendly!

Find the recipe, here.

Vegan, High Protein, Chocolate, and Berry Breakfast Jar

vegan high-protein chocolate berry breakfast jar

A lot of vegan breakfast options tend to be extremely carb-heavy. While that is by no means a bad thing, some prefer a lighter start to the day. Try this high-protein chocolate and berry jar, which is super easy to prep the night before and bring into work with you…

Find the recipe, here.

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    1. Glad you like them! Dark chocolate actually has some surprising health benefits. Dark chocolate is actually fairly calorie-dense, but it’s great to eat in small amounts. If you’re adding it yourself, you can control what you put into your breakfast recipe. I’ve found when I check the calorie count in store-bought chocolate muffins, they’re basically the same as a sugar-filled chocolate cupcake!

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