7 Last-Minute Gifts for the Walker in Your Life

Christmas is almost here! If you’re still looking for a gift for the walking enthusiast in your life, consider getting them something that helps them walk more. Make your last-minute gift really count by giving something they’ll use every day during their walks. You won’t just be giving them a product, but you’ll be helping them get healthier and feel better as well!

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Here are seven gift ideas any walker would love to have:

1) A walking belt, pack or backpack:

Hiker walking with walking backpack

If you can’t find a walking-specific bag or pouch, try running gear. It works the same in general and easily stores your phone, keys, and other important items for your walk. Running gear tends to be very streamlined, so if you tend to carry more things with you on your walk try looking into hiking gear instead.

Try the SPIBelt running belt: Not your mother’s fanny pack, this belt features soft elastic and won’t bounce. Use it to store your personal items while you walk. It even holds larger model phones, like the iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Note Series. It can be worn on top or below your clothes. Available in many colors, the SPIBelt ranges in price from $19.99 to $29.99. More information on SPIBelt’s site here.

2) An insulated water bottle

Keep yourself or your loved ones hydrated while they walk! If you can’t find walking-specific gear there are plenty of well-designed water bottles for runners. A good water bottle allows you to carry your water with you, avoid wasting plastic bottles and save money over bottled water prices.

Female jogger drinking from water bottle

Try the Klean Kanteen water bottle: What walker wouldn’t enjoy a new top-of-the-line water bottle? After testing 22 different types, YourBestDigs rated the Klean Kanteen 20-oz. insulated water bottle as the top choice. It was chosen for its wide mouth, versatility and overall design. Learn more here.

3) A new pair of walking shoes

Walking shoes are THE core piece of walking gear that every serious walker really needs. Walking shoes and running shoes are NOT the same, so try to find walking-specific shoes if possible. If you’re buying for yourself it’s a no-brainer, but if you’re buying for a relative consider taking them on a “shopping spree” to pick out the shoes instead. There’s no “right shoe” for everyone, and you can arrange to go after the holidays when things are less hectic.

Close up on walking shoes

Try New Balance walking shoes: VeryWellFit recommends New Balance Vazee Summit as a lightweight trail shoe that’s great for gripping wet and slippery surfaces (something that could come in handy especially during the winter months). Learn more here.

4) Walking socks (thick or thin for your walking season)

Shoes may be important, but without the right socks underneath your feet will be too hot, too cold or uncomfortable. Get the most of your shoes with socks that complement your shoes and make your feet feel great. You can choose an all-season sock for maximum utility, but having good pairs of winter and summer socks helps keep your feet at the right temperate for the season at hand.

Walking shoes and socks

Try Thorlo Walking Socks: These topped the list for their wearability, padding and CoolMax fabric, which helps prevent blisters. They come in various thicknesses and lengths.

Try Balega Socks: Another recommended brand is Balega, which makes socks that help your feet ward off blisters. Made of mohair material combined with Dynamix, the socks help your feet stay warm when it’s cold out while providing cooling relief in hot weather.

5) Let’s talk about chafing – seriously!

Try Body Glide: If you’re looking for an inexpensive stocking stuffer, why not get your walking friend some Body Glide? Chafing can be a real issue for serious walkers, and Body Glide can help prevent it. It’s sweat-resistant and creates a protective barrier so skin “glides” – and doesn’t rub. It sells for $7.49 at Target, making it an easy purchase to throw with other items.

6) Bath products to relax after a good long walk.

Give your loved ones a little reward after a long walk. Their body will feel great, it will help to recover and they’ll look forward to their next outing!

relaxing in a bubble bath

Bath soaks: Sometimes, you just want to soak in a hot tub after a long walk. Why not include some bath soaks (also called bath salts) to help your muscles recover?

7) Headphones to motivate yourself with music or audiobooks

Listening to music or audiobooks can help your loved ones walk further and stay motivated! The right headphones can make long walks easier and more comfortable. Choose headphones that fit comfortably over or in their ears and stay on during brisk walking sessions. When in doubt, over-ear headphones are usually safer for most ear shapes and sizes. Many people have trouble with small earbuds, especially during brisk walking.

Walker stretching while listening to headphones

Headphones: Skull Candy Hesh 3 Wireless Headphones are getting attention because they feature memory foam ear cushions and a lightweight design.

Forget to charge these Bluetooth-enabled headphones? No problem. They charge in just 10 minutes. They also come in an array of colors. Find more information here.

Bonus – Get more steps with Pacer Premium:

We had to put in a plug for the premium version of our Pacer app. Give your special walker the gift that keeps on tracking the steps along the way to health in the New Year! For the cost of 1 cup of coffee every month, you’ll get access to our amazing Premium features to keep you motivated and get more steps. And, check out Pacer for Teams for the steps and fitness challenges at your company.

Here’s to finding that perfect gift for your walking friend or family member this holiday season. Hopefully, this list gives you some ideas that can brighten their holiday and get them more steps.

If you haven’t downloaded the Pacer app yet, download Pacer for free (on mobile)! You can also check out our website (mobile or desktop) or follow our blog for more great walking and healthy lifestyle tips.

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