5 Ways Indoor Walking Can Get You More Steps (even on a rainy day!)

Indoor walking isn’t just for rainy days! When the temperature rises (or drops) outside, getting your steps indoors can keep you active and cool (or warm). Pacing back and forth in a small room tends to be a bit boring, but indoor walking doesn’t have to be! To add some excitement to your indoor walking, try these tips!

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At Lunch, Walk the Hallways at the Office

Walking in the Office

To get steps during your lunch break (or any breaks you take at work), consider walking hallways. Look for a spot where you won’t be disruptive, but that’s long enough that you can walk through without pacing back and forth. It will give you a chance to have a change of scenery from your normal desk, and walking the halls also might get you some valuable face-to-face time with your work colleagues. Moving for even a minute or two every hour can bring dramatic health benefits, so make sure to stay active and not sit too long. Walking boosts your mood, energy and creativity so a five minute walk may be just what you need during a tough day!

Walk With a Friend at a Shopping Mall

Mall ready for walking

Shopping malls offer huge, diverse areas for you to walk indoors. Early morning can be a great time to walk at your local shopping mall. Often the mall will be unlocked before the stores open, and the icy air conditioning will already be running to keep you comfortable. Bringing a friend along can be a nice way to stay interested in walking. It helps both for accountability and so that you have someone to comment with to while you window shop. Your friend can help resist the temptation to buy things you weren’t planning on.

Walk the Whole Grocery Store When Grocery Shopping

Steps while browsing supermarket

Don’t just prioritize the aisles they need when grocery shopping. Walking the whole store is a nice way to add a few steps to your day while still getting something valuable done. When you walk all the aisles, you see more of the sale items and items that might be a cheaper substitute for what you originally picked up. This could save you money, give you future recipe or food ideas and can be a fun way to find out about new products at the store.

Get Your Walking Done on Weekends at Museums

Walking while enjoying a museum

Yearly membership passes at your local museum can often be very good deal. Use your pass to go for a walk in the museum when you have a free day. Even an art museum that you’ve seen many times will still hold new exhibits occasionally. You’ll also have the opportunity to see some of the exhibits at the museum in a new way after you’ve viewed them on many weekend walks. You can also take the time to analyze and learn more about your favorite works.

Walk While Listening to Audiobooks or Podcasts

Walking while listening to audiobooks

If your walking route must remain the same, one way to add a little spice to the experience is to listen to an audiobook while you walk. Learn more about audiobooks here! You can get engrossed in a mystery and sometimes barely notice when a long walk has flown by. Adding audiobooks to your phone is easy and relatively inexpensive. They can turn even pacing around the office into a fun experience. Podcasts are another great option – they’re free and you can find podcasts on almost any topic you can think of.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let the weather or your location stop you from hitting your step goals. With these locations, times, and tips, your indoor walking will be more interesting and will keep you motivated to reach your step goals and get more active!

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