Walk Longer and Get More Steps by Listening While You Walk!

For many, the ideal walk is a relaxing time spent outdoors with birds chirping and the sound of the breeze in the trees. The reality, however, is that sometimes there’s nothing but honking car horns or the sound of your feet on the treadmill to listen to. Many people listen to music to solve this problem. If you’re looking for something new to motivate you, here are a couple of alternatives to help keep your feet moving.

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Woman walking with phone - Listen while you walk

Podcasts, sometimes called netcasts, are a bit like talk radio shows that you can save and play when you want. They usually come out one episode at a time, and possible show topics are endless. Though the term “podcast” makes them seem like they’re only for Apple devices, podcasts are available on almost any platform with the help of a podcatcher app. Most podcasts are totally free and can be downloaded onto almost any phone or portable music player. There are so many podcasts available that you could listen all day long, every day and still not run out of fresh, free content!

Podcast visibile on phone

Here are 10 great podcasts you can listen to while walking. Check them out!

Recently, many TV shows (often talk shows or news and commentary shows) are also released in podcast form. This allows you to listen to your favorite show while you’re getting your steps in.

You can listen to podcasts using iTunes, the most famous podcast service. There are also a host of other apps to choose from, like Stitcher and Pocket Casts. Search your app store for “podcatcher” and you’ll come up with dozens of options. Many podcatcher apps can also stream music but may charge a monthly fee or charge to download the app. Many, including iTunes, are free so be sure to check out the options for features and pricing before you choose one. You can find podcasts on almost any subject you’re interested in, but a few to help you get started include:

Get motivated!

  • Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy, a fun and inspiring look at getting healthier and becoming more active, covering topics like new diet books, fitness fads, and quick strength training workouts
  • Half Size Me, host Heather, who lost over 130 pounds, talks weight loss success stories and healthy lifestyles with various guests

Learn something new!

  • Stuff You Should Know, an offshoot of the How Stuff Works website offering a fascinating education on how everyday things work
  • TED Radio Hour, NPR takes a topic and offers insight from various TED talks on the subject (NPR has a tremendous number of other interesting and educational podcasts, as well)


Audiobook to listen while walking

Want to read more AND walk more at the same time? Try listening to an audiobook! You might find yourself walking even further than you planned in order to finish a chapter! Another quick search on your app store for “audiobooks” will return plenty of apps that provide access. Audiobooks can be downloaded to almost any phone or portable music player, so you won’t have to worry about using mobile data to listen.

Audiobooks are read by a professional narrator, or sometimes even the author! Listening to an audiobook is a somewhat different experience to reading a physical book, but a good narrator can make your book more interesting and easier to get through. You can often check an audiobook’s reviews to see how good the narrator is before you buy. Fiction books may include more of a performance with a narrator doing multiple voices for each of the characters, but the narrator may vary their accent or speech patterns to quote people even in non-fiction. Best yet, if your favorite author reads their own book (typically non-fiction, self-help or a memoir), you can hear the emphasis that put on different subjects as they speak.

Walking in park listening to headphones

Audible is one of the most well-known audiobook providers. It allows you to simply purchase a book directly or subscribe to its service for discounts and free monthly book downloads. Their library is connected to Amazon, giving you access to thousands of books. Two other apps to look into are OverDrive and Hoopla, both of which give you access to audiobooks that you can check out with a library card from your local library. These two apps are free and borrowing books is free as well, but you are limited to what’s available at your library and may have to wait if something is “checked out.” You’ll also need to verify whether your library supports either of these apps, but they’re definitely worth looking into. Almost all popular books both current and classic are produced in audiobook versions. No matter what genre or author you like to read, you are likely to find it available in this format.

When you need something to freshen up your routine and help you keep moving, give podcasts or audiobooks a try. If you find one you really like, consider saving it to only listen to while you walk. That’ll help make you even more motivated to lace up those shoes and get your 10,000 steps (or whatever your goal may be) every day!

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