4 Ways to Restart a Failed New Year’s Resolution

Even if your New Year’s resolution has lapsed, you can still restart your fitness journey and get more fit than ever. So you made a New Year’s exercise resolution, right? You probably got off to a great start, too! But then you realized how full the gym is after work, or that your days are already too full, and before you know it, your resolution has failed before it ever really began. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! 41.6% of resolutions fail after just one month. Even though most resolutions fail quickly, it doesn’t mean you have to wallow in failure. Use these tips to get back up and succeed this time!

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Reward Yourself!

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Who doesn’t love a reward for doing something positive? Set up a reward system that will motivate you to hit your goals. Maybe you’ve been thinking about taking a vacation for a long time. That can be your final reward for completing a long-term goal! With that as a goal, break your resolution down into milestones. Each milestone can have a smaller reward attached that keeps you on target. Smaller rewards might be a new outfit, new gear or a treat you’ve wanted for a while. The further you get, the better rewards you’ll give yourself which will motivate you to make it to the finish!

It’s All About Goals!

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Chances are that when you first wrote down your resolution, you had an idea of what you wanted to achieve. When you tried to put it into practice, however, that goal seemed perpetually out of reach. In that case, you just need a set of goals that are attainable! Reset your goals so that they still push you to go farther, but aren’t so difficult that you’ll inevitably fail. Match these goals up with your rewards, making sure that each milestone is achievable if you work at it. You want your goals to be challenging but achievable so you’ll have the motivation to hit those milestones and get those rewards!

Let’s say your big yearly goal is to hit 10,000 steps for 150 days out of the year. Break that down into sections, and make your first one fairly easy to achieve. You want to feel success and accomplishment to keep you going! You could set milestones of hitting 5 10k days, then 25, 50, 95 days, and finally 150 days. Each goal step can have reward assigned to it. Before you know it, you’ll be back on track! You don’t need huge goals like 10,000 steps to get healthier. Even small amounts of steps can make a big difference.

Accountability, People!

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Face it, sometimes you need a little help to stick to your plan. Your friends and relatives would probably love to help you get healthier, so don’t be shy and ask! Find one person or a group of people who you can share your goals with. Reporting your progress to them can help you stick to your plan. Make sure the person (or people) you choose will support you but also push you to keep going. It may surprise you how much having someone check in on your goals can help you continue to work towards them. You’re no longer only answering to yourself, which really helps stay on track.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint!

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Everyone goes through setbacks, but fortunately getting fit and active is a long-term effort – more like a marathon than of a sprint. If you stumble in a 100-meter race, you’re going to have a tough time. But stumble once in a marathon and you have plenty of time to recover and do great.

If your resolution has stalled, just start over today! Write down today’s date and your restated fitness goals, and make it a March resolution instead. If 10,000 steps per day turned out to be too much, try reducing your immediate goals to 6,000 steps. Then increase this by 1,000 to 2,000 steps every month. If your goal was to eat better, today is the perfect day to restart your improved nutrition plan.

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Trust us, if you’re crushing your step goals, eating healthier and feeling better, you won’t be thinking about what day you really started your resolution. You’ll simply be thinking of how great you feel. But to get there, you have to start sometime. Why not make that sometime, today?

Get out there and start over towards your new New Year’s resolutions! You CAN and WILL succeed this time!

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