4 Calorie-Cutting Tips for Eating Out With Friends

Let’s face the facts, it’s sometimes nice to have someone else cook a delicious meal for us. Going out and having dinner with loved ones is one of life’s greatest pleasures! Just because you’re keeping an eye on your calories doesn’t mean you can never eat out. Restaurants do, however, often serve large portions of high-calorie foods which can make dining out hard to stick to your healthy eating game plan.

Guess what? You can still enjoy a night with friends without beating yourself up about it the next morning, and we’re here to show you how.

Here are 4 great tips for cutting calories while dining out.

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Share Your Huge Meals


It’s no secret that restaurants serve two or three times the amount of food one person needs in a meal. You don’t have to finish these mega-sized portions! Portion control is crucial when it comes to watching your calories. If the main courses are big, try sharing one with a friend. Eat slowly, so you can stop when you feel satisfied and not miserably “stuffed”. Drinking water with meals is a zero calorie option which fills up your stomach and helps you feel more full. Listen to your body and be mindful of how you’re feeling as you eat.

You can even ask for a doggy bag before your meal comes and place half of your meal in it before you even take the first bite. This way you’re saving a ton of calories, you won’t be tempted to eat more, and you’ll even have a meal ready-to-eat for the next day!

Swap Sides


If ordering french fries, mac n cheese, or mashed potatoes are a habit for you, this tip can save you major calories. We get it, you’re eating out for pleasure so you probably don’t have your heart set on the steamed vegetables (although those are always a great option). If you deny yourself completely, you’ll likely be disappointed, hungry, and grab for your friend’s french fries.

Instead, opt for a side salad or plain baked potato. Baked potatoes are healthier than fries as they’re not deep fried and drenched in oil. A little bit of butter or olive oil adds a bit of fat and flavor, which can help you feel more full. You can even add broccoli or another veggie on top with some salsa. You’ll be satisfied and not feel like you’re missing out.

Remember, the main dish is usually the best, tastiest part of the meal. Let that dish really shine by picking a healthier, lower-calorie side dish.

Know Before You Go


Before you even step foot into the restaurant, do your research first. Most restaurants have their menus online for you to check out. Look into healthy dishes with lower calories such as grilled items, salads, and vegetables. Make sure to be aware that just because a dish is called a “salad” or “healthy” doesn’t mean it’s not actually stuffed with calories. Once you get to the restaurant, stick to your decision and order first so you’re not tempted to order something that someone else is getting.

Restaurants will almost always accommodate special requests if they’re reasonable. If you’re dying for a juicy burger, try ordering it with a lettuce wrap “bun” instead. Ditching the bread will save you calories. Limiting sauces, ordering items without cheese, and ordering an appetizer as a meal are also a few great calorie-saving options.

3-Bite Rule for Treats

3 bites.png

If you’re a dessert lover, this one’s for you. Instead of ordering a dessert, try fresh fruit to try to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you just have to order a high-calorie dessert or your friend wants to get one to share, practice the “3-bite rule”. Order the delectable chocolate cheesecake if you have to but limit yourself to 3 bites. Take 3, set your fork down and relax. You’ll find that most of the time, those 3 bites are just what you need and are very satisfying.

If you find it’s difficult to stop once you take those 3 bites, try sharing your dessert with a friend. Pass it away after your 3 bites so the temptation is removed. Or ask for a takeaway box for your dessert before you order. After your 3 bites, box it up so it’s out of sight.

If you know going into the restaurant that you’re most looking forward to the dessert, order a smaller or healthier meal and skip the appetizers. Or, if you know you’re getting a high-calorie main dish, consider deciding ahead of time to skip dessert. Being strategic with your choices can be fun, and helps you get that dish you love while feeling less guilty.


Next time you’re out to eat remember these 4 helpful calorie-saving tips. You’re spending your hard-earned money on a nice dinner, so put your smartphone down and relax. By being mindful of what you’re putting into your body you’re likely to enjoy it that much more.

Saving calories doesn’t have to be stressful or ruin your social life. Putting some thought into your choices and avoiding automatically piling on excess calories really adds up. Simply incorporate small changes into your current lifestyle and you’ll reap the benefits in the long run.

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