15 minutes in the morning can help you beat your step goals!

Adding a short walk in the morning doesn’t just feel great and burn calories. 15-20 minutes can get you 15-20% of the way to a 10,000 step goal! With the right morning prep, you’ll be able to get a head start on your step goals while most people are still asleep!

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1 mile requires around 2,000 steps (depending on your height and step length). 3 miles per hour is a mile in 20 minutes, while 4 mph is a mile in 15 minutes. This means that in 15-20 minutes, you could get 2,000 steps or more!

Short walks can be just as beneficial as long walks, provided you get yourself moving at the same pace that you would on a long walk. You can make a lot of progress towards your step goals simply by waking up just 15 minutes earlier or taking a bit of time to analyze your morning schedule and cut wasted time. Make it easy for yourself so that you simply wake up and start walking.

What benefits can you get from 15 minutes of morning walking?

  • Get 1/5 of the way towards your step goal
  • See an amazing sunrise (your view may vary)
  • Feel refreshed and energized before work or school
  • Feel at peace with nature
  • See your city before the morning rush
  • Burn up to 100 calories
  • Take some beautiful morning photos to share with your friends
  • Enjoy fresh, zero-calorie morning air

You can also make your morning walk into a more intense walking workout. Try this 15-minute intense walking workout to get more steps and burn more calories. Whether you’re doing a nice, leisurely walk or picking up your walking speed, getting in steps in the morning is almost always a great idea.

Give it a try, and let us know how many steps you’re able to fit in your morning workout!

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